Why I stopped reading

I alluded to it in my featured post, but I feel that I might as well explain my reason behind that choice.

Holy shit, that's a library? Wow that looks amazing! I wanna go there!
Holy shit, that’s a library? Wow that looks amazing! I wanna go there!

So yes, I stopped reading for a while; probably a few months or so. I just didn’t want to get a book from the library and read it; and if I did, I just never could get into it. Now I’m sure we all go through rough patches once and a while, but after the enlightening trip to the book store the other day, I realized why I had stopped reading books. It’s actually a combination of things that lead up to my choice to stop, and yes they might seem a bit picky to you, but I’m sure we are all very particular about somethings.

First up, I’d like to say this: contrary to popular belief, you can judge a book by it’s cover. I’m referring to and only to books here, you can apply the more common saying to other parts in life. Anyways, when I look for a book, what turns me on (very poor choice of words I know, but bear with me for a second, ‘kay?) what captures my attention is usually the cover; I pull out said book and look at the cover first. What I look for are a few things: the author, title font, picture (if any) and tag line (if any). Normally as a knee jerk reaction, I don’t like reading a book where the main character is a girl.

A female author (generally speaking) can’t really fully capture the mind in writing a male character (notice how I said “generally” I’m not trying to offend anyone here). That said, most of the time, a book written by a female author, the main character will be a girl. Now as I’m not a girl (obviously, pff) the thought of reading a story where the main character is a girl, doesn’t really seem all that appealing to me. Personally I like the lead to be male, as I find it easier to relate to. Continuing on here, on my trips to the library more often than not I find that the majority of books are geared towards girls and their interests. I find many books with flowery font, hearts, pictures of roses, and so on and so forth. That makes it harder for the random guy who likes to read, to find a book.

But that’s only one of the issues I’ve had in trying to find a book, and in the long term, reading it. The next point is that the last book I did read was so bad it probably discouraged me to keep reading. What I really don’t like about some books is (are) when the plot works really well up to the half way point, then it caves and it seems like the author is grasping for ideas to wrap up the story. The long and short of it, a main reason I don’t like reading books that much, the stories are pretty much shit. Seriously, I mean I’ve read books in where the first bit is really good and I enjoy it a lot, but half way through I wanna throw the book at the wall because it’s so bad.

Another beef I’ve got is how characters are written. True my approach is different from the next guy’s, but there are still some things all writers should take into consideration when writing believable characters. My main goal when writing characters is to make them seem as real as possible in the actions and choices they make. When reading a book and some big thing happens, stop for a second and place yourself in that position, would you act/say/behave the way the character did/does? What I really don’t like is that realistically some actions that characters take just don’t make any sense at all. Sorry I don’t have any examples, but it really annoys me how a character can make such a shitty choice in a crucial situation. In any given normal circumstance, logically one would probably never say/act/behave that way. Yeah I know it’s a personal beef I’ve got, but just reading another book in which the character does something that just doesn’t even really seem right, it doesn’t sit well with me.

Finally going to tell the boy of your dreams that you love him, a firework goes off just as you say "I love you" Boy looks over at you "Oh what did you say?" How many times does this happen in anime? Are fireworks that fucking loud in real life that if you're fucking standing right next to someone, they seriously can't fucking hear you? What the fuck?!
Finally going to tell the boy of your dreams that you love him, a firework goes off just as you say “I love you” Boy looks over at you “Oh what did you say?”
How many times does this happen in anime? Are fireworks that fucking loud in real life that if you’re fucking standing right next to someone, they seriously can’t fucking hear you? What the fuck?!

I’m stopping myself from incorporating anime into this as it also falls prey to this too, but I’ll leave it at we’ve all got our likes and dislikes as to how we enjoy anime/books/whatever. I can be a bit strict when it comes to certain things, certain actions characters take and so on, but I’m sure somewhere, someone is proud that the character made the choice they did, although how they could like that, I have no idea.

Okay, okay, I’m probably off topic from how I thought this through from the start, so I’ll try and wrap this up in a logical way. Maybe I’ve just read all the wrong books or maybe my argument holds a teaspoon of water, whatever the reason, I was out of sync when it came to reading books; I was like this for a long time but now I’ve had a resurgence and I feel like reading once more. I want to start up reading this one series I love (I’m on book 5) and after I want to look for a decent fantasy book. I’ve never really read a fantasy book before and I want to take a crack at one. I’m not talking high fantasy (Lord of the Rings and such) but something a bit toned down. Since I’ve got no real idea of what’s good (popular… okay fine, but only under certain reasons) so I’m wondering if you’ve got any suggestions of something a “beginner” to that genre could start out with. Leave a comment with a suggestion or send me a Tweet; thanks in advance!

Oh and to clear up any misunderstandings, when it comes to anime, I will watch a series if the main character is a girl. I just do, I can’t really explain way, but that doesn’t bother me in the least bit; reading, on the other hand, does. I can’t really explain why either, but that’s how it is.

Right then, so as I’m off to continue on with other things I’ll leave you with this terrible fail I had the other day while at the store with my sister.



  1. The Name Of The Wind by Patrick Rothfuss. Only two books out in the series yet, but give it a go. It’s…. charming.
    These next two are teen books, but still good. The Abhorsen series by Garth Nix and the Bartimaeus series by Jonathan Stroud.
    My last rec is darker and probably not as much entry level to fantasy, but Sword Of Shadows by J.V.Jones is pretty sweet. Also not finished yet but awesome.
    Anyway those are a few of the ones I think are good, if you read some of them let me know what you think!


    • Cool thanks; I’ll check the library to see if they’ve got ’em in.
      EDIT: I checked the library, and in usual fashion, they don’t have the first book of any of the series you mentioned. I checked at the book store too, they gave me really weird blank expressions when I dropped the titles. I’ll need a plan B now.


      • Whoops sorry didn’t see you updated the comment. 1 month later….

        Does your library do book requests? Alternatively find an illegal ebook copy on the web lol.

        Also… see if your library has “Retribution Falls” by Chris Wooding. It’s kinda steampunky not fantasy but cool yeah.


      • The library does buy books that are requested, but not every request. I had a battle (literally, steps down from physical) to get them to buy the rest of the Amazing Spider Man comics, and to this day they still never did. So while they read each request, they go through some convoluted system of bureaucracy just to order a book. It’s still worth a shot, they might just get it.

        As for “Retribution Falls”, they’ve got that, so I’ll order it once I’m finished reading my current book and comic. Thanks for the suggestions. I’m always thrilled to find a new and exciting book to read!



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