Interesting Turn of Events

Could this be it?
Could this be it?

I’m excited.

I don’t say that too often, but I’ve suddenly had a few things happen to me that are strangely good. Yeah I know it’s weird, but I’m pretty pumped for this actually. But first I’ll get the bad news out of the way. So yesterday I had a math test, the first one of the course; it was a 21 question test, total of 50 possible marks you could get. I tried my hardest, but it wasn’t enough, 17/50. Yeah it’s bad and I’ll admit I thought I was better then that. Over 25 would’ve been ideal, but life’s a bitch and we’re bound to get fucked over sooner or later.

So I talked with my teacher after, and he recommended that I get a tutor, so I did. It was really easy actually, I just walked down to the student services area and asked if I could get a tutor for math. Totally easy. I talked with the guy who arranges the whole tutor program, and he said that since there are a few from my class that need help, he’s going to make a study group, probably 3-5 but nothing more. Hmm… how do I take to this? Fine actually; yes I know I’m all anti-social, aren’t-here-to-make-friends and all that, but I’m looking forward to this study group. And for all those that get this joke, the tutor’s name is… Robyn. A girl by the way.

Nearly avoiding getting drenched in a colossal down pour of rain, I took shelter in the computer lab, checking my e-mail and such. I’d forgotten my umbrella today, so had I stepped outside, I might have drowned it was raining that hard. Oh and if you’re wondering, no cute girl with an umbrella walked past. Leaving school I needed to get a battery for my watch because it died last night. Tragic I know. While I waited for the battery to be put in I saw this watch, totally amazing! Take a look. I’m not sure if that’s the exact one, but it’s pretty damn close to what it looked like. Oh and at the store it cost $265, not the $225 on the site. Either way I loved it and asked to try it on; wow actually wearing a watch that nice, it felt pretty awesome. So there’s yet another thing on my growing wishlist.

Arriving “home” I was informed that I’ve got a possible job interview next Monday. Wow. That was unexpected. Finding a job here is damn hard, I’d given up for a month or so, but this might be a ray of hope. Now I know it’s a long shot, but getting this would be nice and help me take another step in my grand plan. By the way, I’ve got a few “Grand Plans” for the long term, so you’ll hear me referring to them periodically. So other bad news, the soles of my runners are next to gone, so now each time I set foot outside (lol see what I did there?) my feet get wet within a few steps. When they’ll be replaced I have no idea.

But yeah, it may not sound like a lot, but here and now, during the shit I’ve been through over the past month and a bit, this is a break I damn well need. I’ll keep you posted on how this unfolds but I’m trying my best to keep my excitement contained. If this is just another run of the mill, get psyched up to be let down thing, then I’ll be pissed.

I’m off to continue working on my new Wattpad story; if you follow me on Twitter, you’ll have seen my thoughts and such I’ve tweeted about the development, but overall it’s going to be a very good story when it all comes together. Right then, I’ll keep you posted on how this week and the next turn out!



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