Old Wounds, Old Friends, New Shoes; 100th Blog Post Special!


It’s happened. I’ve reached the 100th blog post here on The SkyCorps Blog, and it couldn’t have come on a better day. Thursday September 26th 2013 seems like a normal ordinary day, just another wake up, school, walk home, type of day. But no… oh no; today was a very good day. So let’s jump in and see how it all went down.

School: Normal day, math class as always. We finish a bit before 12:30 this time so I walk on over to Tim Horton’s, aka one of the best food places in Canada. I ordered a Maple Cinnamon French Toast bagel with cream cheese (because it’s good, don’t say otherwise) and orange juice. I took up a corner seat, all by myself, ate the wonderful bagel and read my book. Surprise, surprise, I enjoyed the peace and quiet of eating alone, it was very refreshing actually. So I finish up and head back to school to meet my tutor, Robyn; we meet up, just the two of us this time, and find a study room. She helps me with the latest work we’ve been doing in math, that being graphing, and by the time an hour passes, I’m understanding things more than when I walked in.

After school: I leave at 2:45 and head over to the mall where I’d be meeting my Mom who’s buying me new shoes. She always loves buying shoes and clothing for me, but I guess that’s just how mom’s are. So I reach the store and head in, browsing the shoes they’ve got on display. So it turns out that a girl I used to know way back in my private school days actually works there (first names only) Jennifer. I probably haven’t seen her since… *drum roll* 2004-2005. Wow that’s a long time. But yeah, she’s looking nice these days, I almost didn’t recognize her at first. So my Mom shows up and I point out the shoes I like. My plan going in was to continue the trend and get Adidas, as I really love their shoes, but sadly the ones that I saw first (a real love at first sight moment actually) weren’t available in the right size. Damn. But, this is where things get good; they have Converse shoes there, and guess what, I got a pair!

Hell yeah! I got Converse shoes! Yes that’s right! They’re not the Batman Chucks like I’ve wanted, but these are just as nice and I really like them. Take a look. Pretty awesome eh? So I can finally say that I’ve got Converse shoes! Man I’ve waited to say that for a while now, but yep, I’ve got ’em! Sadly they’re not the Batman ones I’ve longed for, but I think I’ve made up my mind that I’ll let them go, maybe it’s a sign I shouldn’t pursue trying to buy them. Either way they look really cool and I like them a lot.

Leaving the shoe store, and saying bye to Jennifer, I wait a few minutes for the bus; as I do though I notice another bus pull up (as many buses use that stop) and a bunch of kids get off that bus. Instantly I note the uniforms they’re wearing, another private school in the area. A bit of background info on me here: yes I used to go to a private school back in the day, I loved it a lot and despite what anyone says, wearing a uniform is very cool and I prefer that over general clothing to school. Anyways, these kids that I saw were from a rival school, on a more personal level, when I attended private school I was on the track and field team; this school was the big track rival and I waged a war against certain ones from that school. More then anything, I hated that school as they cheated (don’t get me started) and did other things that broke the rules. Sadly though, I had a few friends that ended up going to that school… it never really sat well with me. So pretty much for probably nearly a decade I’ve loathed this school (wow really showing my age there) and I’ll never look at that school the same way.

What’s funny though, Jennifer and I went to the same private school back in those days, true we were never really close friends, more like classmates. Seeing her again makes me think back to those good old days, where I didn’t seem to have a care in the world. God… if only I could’ve seen the sorry mess I’d be in now… Anyways that’s for another day, this post is to mark the 100th post on my blog here.

Ending the day I can safely say that this ranks high in the good things that have happened to me over the past little while. I’ll have pictures of my shoes (more real pics) so you can see what they look like a bit better than that link I posted, but don’t expect those pics for a bit.

So yeah that’s it I guess, my 100th blog post. I’d like to take a moment to thank all you readers for sticking with me for this long; I’m happy that I’ve had so many followers, comments and views on my blog, and I just like the feeling that someone is reading this; hell, even if I got 1 view a week, I’d still love that one person who did visit. I’d like to hope that one day I’ll reach another 100 posts, or maybe that’s a bit too far out to call?

Right then, I’m off to get some sleep now as it’s nearly 2:30AM so I’ll talk to you all another time. Once again, thanks for being here this long and sticking with me through all the posts I’ve had. I’m sure you’ve probably wondered about some of the random things I post, writing my thoughts out and such, but I need to put those thoughts somewhere and that’s why I made this blog. Okay so I’m going to finally end this post now.

Thanks guys!


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