Down but not out!

You thought I gave up? You don't know me; when i said I was getting those shoes, I damn well meant it.
You thought I gave up? You don’t know me; when i said I was getting those shoes, I damn well meant it.

Things always change, that’s just how life is. Plans don’t always work out the way we want them to; it can be annoying at times, but maybe it’s for the better. I’m talking about the shoes. The Batman shoes to be exact. Since January of this year I really wanted this certain pair of Converse Batman Chuck Taylors; when I finally got around to getting them, in August, they arrived in the wrong size. Soul crushed and frustrated beyond control, I nearly called it quits and just about gave up all hope of ever getting those shoes. But where there’s a will, there’s a way. All hope is never truly lost (okay that’s an absolute, true hope is lost all the time), I accidentally stumbled across this. Pretty amazing right?

Well my hope returned once more, I had a solid feeling that I was going to get these shoes… until I found out they only ship in the States. Yeah that’s right, not to Canada, WHICH IS RIGHT ACROSS THE BORDER!!! Yeah not impressed at all. But it’s me, I’m not the type to let this go without a good fight. So after e-mailing Converse, they confirmed they do not ship north. So, where most might give up, accept defeet, I didn’t. Having no friends might be bad at times, yeah whatever, but having associates, people you can call on for a favor, are probably way better than “friends”. I know someone, personally, who has family south of the invisible line, and with some talking, assuring them nothing illegal will be happening, there is a high chance I can have it shipped to them, who in turn ship it to me. Bingo, problem solved.

But! These aren’t normal Converse shoes, they’re customizable. So, having seen the different options to choose from, I knew right away what my Chucks were going to look like. Behold! Be sure to do a full 360 look around them too, note the heel stripe as well, totally customized to my liking. So as I’ve got till the end of December, I want to get them sooner as opposed to later, as I want to make sure nothing goes wrong with them.

I don’t wanna celebrate too soon, but I’ve got a good feeling about this, I really think it can work. Since that fateful day long ago in January, I started the quest for the shoes, and nearly a year later, it’s going to finally come to an end.



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