Into the City with SkyCorps: Doing Some Sightseeing

Having being stuck in my small town for the past little while, that can get to you after a bit. I mean you see the same people every day, do the same things everyday, I actually hate it. But finally all that changed just for one day. My sister and I took a day trip down to the British Colombia (Canada) capital city of Victoria. It was mostly for a doctor’s appointment for my sister, but I just wanted to ride along and do some sightseeing. A lot happened and I saw so many things; it’s hard to really put into words my feelings and such, so I’ll just stick to describing what happened. Ready? Let’s roll!

So like most day trips they begin with a 5AM wake up. We caught the bus and settled in for the 45-60 minute ride down the still dark highway. Actually, the sun doesn’t rise till about 7:40AM I think (correct me if I’m wrong). We arrived downtown shortly after 7:45AM and ate our breakfast at Canada’s favorite, Tim Hortons. So as pretty much everything didn’t open till 9:30, we walked around until then. This time instead of hitting up Beacon Hill Park we went to James Bay and looked around there. But before we made it there, the car show began; starting off with a black Mercedes Benz CL550, so beautiful. Following that down by the waterfront by the float plane terminal we saw a white Mercedes Benz CLS550; my brother would approve.

After a bit of walking, past the Legislative Building (did that measuring for Steve) we finally arrived in James Bay; it’s actually a really nice little neighborhood, lots of original houses too. So being November 1st today, there were still Halloween decorations from the events of last night strewn around. Surprisingly we didn’t see any drunk/passed out people lying around on the road. So touring the still asleep neighborhood we made it to Dallas Road, where I took a picture of the breakwater. Enjoy.

Terrible weather, but this pic shows off the new paint thrown on the side. I'm actually wondering how they painted it...
Terrible weather, but this pic shows off the new paint thrown on the side. I’m actually wondering how they painted it…

Continuing on after that time suddenly flew past and it was starting to get late. I really needed to get to the library so I could pay that fine I’ve had since 2009. So making our way back into town we pass The Empress Hotel, you may have heard of it actually, it’s a pretty famous place. Since I always take pictures of it I didn’t this time. Before hitting up the library, we stop by 7-11 to get a Day Pass for the bus, as we were planning on taking the bus quite a bit. After that we finally hit up the library where I cleared my fines of $2.10 that I’ve had for the past few years. Sad I know.

Catching the bus we head to my sister’s doctor’s appointment before checking out the still under construction Hillside Mall. They’ve got a Target going in there, something Canadian’s are all amped about, along with a “super” Shoppers Drug Mart, which is actually really, really big. Overall I like the refreshing they’ve done to the interior too, it looks very fresh, clean and new. We also stopped in at HMV, which is a video/music store (yes they actually still exist) and I checked out the anime section they had there.

I was actually pretty surprised at what they had, a few series such as: Angel Beats!, Rinne no Lagrange, Clannad, Steins;Gate, Strike Witches, K-ON! Movie, Mirai Nikki, Gunslinger Girl, Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom, among many others too. Had I the money I would’ve bought some in a heartbeat but as you’ll see, they were kinda pricey.

I really enjoyed watching Clannad and I've always wanted to watch it once more. Buying it on Blu-Ray would've been amazing, but I don't have a Blu-Ray player. Remember those things called "DVDs"? Yeah, I'm still back there.
I really enjoyed watching Clannad and I’ve always wanted to watch it once more. Buying it on Blu-Ray would’ve been amazing, but I don’t have a Blu-Ray player. Remember those things called “DVDs”? Yeah, I’m still back there.
I got a chuckle out of the 'TV-MA Explicit Content' stick seen on the bottom right. I can't think of what they mean by that, this is probably a PG-13 at best, nothing bad happens. I had a hard time telling myself not to buy this, I love this anime so much, like I really, really, really love it.
I got a chuckle out of the ‘TV-MA Explicit Content’ sticker seen on the bottom right. I can’t think of what they mean by that, this is probably a PG-13 at best, nothing bad happens. I had a hard time telling myself not to buy this, I love this anime so much, like I really, really, really love it.

We also stopped in at Bolen Books, the big book store there. I saw this really epic Miku art book, which I for some reason didn’t get a picture of. I really wanted to buy that, but it was I was already saving my money for a future purchase that I never did anyways. Now I feel bad for letting Miku go like that. Maybe next time I’ll get it. Leaving the mall we still had things to do, so it was off to catch the bus, but not before snapping this picture of a bike/scooter my sister really liked.

Kinda neat eh?
Kinda neat eh?

Waiting at the bus stop we ran into a few friends we actually wanted to see. Yeah I know it sounds bad, but seriously, I know quite a few people in Vic and not all of them I really like too; thankfully the people we met up with were actual friends. Yes I’m using the “f” word here. I know I don’t call people my “friends” as there isn’t any room for them, but there are the rare exceptions, this guy being one of them. Josh, I met him a few years ago and we’re really became good friends. He’s actually a bit older than me, mid 20’s probably, but we still share common interests and such. So I guess if you really wanna annoy the hell outta me, you can say that I do have “friends” after all.

After some bus dosey-doe we arrive at Uptown, the new big mall on the way into/out of town. Stopping in at the resident Future Shop, we browse the new things such as laptops, desktops, monitors, and even the released earlier that very day iPad Air. To say the least I actually didn’t fully realize that it was the brand new one; the guy was all like “You wanna try out the new iPad Air? We just got it in this morning!” and I’m all like “Yeah sure” not really catching on that this is the real deal new iPad best thing in the world tablet. It only donned on me much later why the guy was hoping for a bigger reaction from me, now I kinda feel bad for leaving him hanging like that. But let the record state the the iPad Air actually really is nearly weightless and it does look amazing. I’m still not an Apple fan boy, but if I had lots of money I wanted to waste it, I’d buy an iPad Air.

After Future Shop we heading over to H&M a clothing store that actually had some nice guys clothing too. My mental wish list was growing after I saw some things I really liked and would probably buy had I more money. We also checked out Forever 21, a girls fashion store where I was actually the only guy in the building at the time. I felt so out of place being amongst all these cute girls and I just wanted to exit stage left as soon as possible. Now comes the big part. Leaving Forever 21 I saw my true love, that’s right, I actually was nearly speechless for a few moments. Outside sat a brand new blue BMW M5 sedan. Oh my god. You wouldn’t believe how amazing that car looks in person. I didn’t snap a picture because I wasn’t sure if the owner was in the food place right beside the store and could be sitting watching his car. But man the M5 is one amazing car in person. It’s actually a lot bigger than I imagined, and the brake discs are massive! Like huge!! Massive blue brake calipers reminded me of the black Ferrari 458 Italia I had also recently seen. I know what car I want now, a blue BMW M5. Holy shit I was seriously stunned by actually seeing one in person, it totally came to be the car of the day. I really wish I could’ve heard the motor rev… man I’d probably die if I did…

Taking a bit back downtown, we grabbed a bite to eat at the Bay Center. Wow that was an experience. Went to New York Fries for lunch, the dude working there thought my sister and I were a married couple. Uh… wow no that’s so wrong. (keep in mind I still love Oreimo just the same). Shaking that off, we finally got our lunch and sat down to eat. Finishing that we checked out the Calendar Club, the obvious calendar store; I didn’t really see anything worth getting, but I really do want a calender for 2014. Next was off to Curious Comics, a comic book store where I saw her.

I still don't like Haganai and I doubt I ever will, but I did like this Sena Kashiwazaki  figma. She's kinda hot I guess...
I still don’t like Haganai and I doubt I ever will, but I did like this Sena Kashiwazaki figma. She’s kinda hot I guess…

From there we went to Chapters where I had a moment deciding whether or not to buy volume 3 of the Oreimo manga. In the end I didn’t and felt good about that choice for some reason. I had the money to buy it, but I just wasn’t feeling it that day. I don’t know why, but I just didn’t want to buy it. Looking back on that choice now, yeah I’m a bit chapped, but you can’t change the past. I’ll have another shot at it in the future so I don’t really mind.

So to wrap this post up I had a great time in Victoria. I saw lots of neat stuff, amazing cars, some friends too, Sena, that M5, and cute girls here and there. I mainly went just so I could leave my town for a bit and see the city, so I’m really happy I opted to go on this adventure. So as I can’t think of anything else that I want to add, I’ll bring this officially to a close now.


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