A Glorified Grey Cup Party

A pretty fun game actually, I'd trade some coin to own this one.
A pretty fun game actually, I’d trade some coin to own this one.

So yesterday I was invited out to my brother’s friend’s house to hang out and eat food. If you’ve been following my blog for a while now, you’ll remember my last trip out to this guy’s house, resulting in arriving home after 1AM, and as I enjoyed myself last time, I was totally up for yet another round. My brother and I were picked up a bit after 3PM Sunday afternoon and given a ride to the event site. I also knew the guest list this time too, mostly guys as I expected, but one dude did bring his girlfriend, so it wasn’t a total “guys night”. Oh well.

Upon arriving, I was informed that what I had signed up for was pretty much a Grey Cup party. For all those non-Canadian people out there who follow my blog, the Grey Cup is the big Canadian Football League (CFL) championship game. Think of it as the Super Bowl or Stanley Cup, only it’s heavily Canadian. Not trying to offend any people here, but CFL is pretty bad, I must say. Not only are the fields all weirdly shaped, but the rules and everything are so backwards from NFL that it makes watching it nearly impossible. But all hope was not lost (except for CFL).

Thankfully instead of watching the Grey Cup, we were able to sit around and play video games with my brother’s friend, specifically: Grand Theft Auto V, Forza 4, and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. After playing only a little bit of GTA V, I can now see why it’s a game to skip school over. I was really drawn into it and I kept wanting to play more and more. After playing for a while now it was finally time to eat. Oh and if you care, the Saskatchewan Roughriders ended up winning the Grey Cup, beating the Hamilton Tiger Cats, I think the score was 45-28 (correct me if I’m wrong, but I really don’t care). The food consisted of chicken wings, pizza, chips, pop/beer, candy and Caesar Salad. I strategically starved myself before leaving so when I arrived, I’d be, well, starving and eat a lot. That’s a plan I highly recommend any of you who will be attending a party; starve yourself throughout the day, then go all out with the food at the party.

After eating as much as I could, it was back off to the games again, this time with Forza 4 and CoD: MW3. Having never played a CoD game before (or any game for that matter) it took a bit to get the controls down, and even though I failed terribly, I enjoyed myself and had a fun time. By the time we left for home it was midnight, we were out for pretty much 9 hours, but it was a 9 hours well spent. Although I always talk about not liking association and such (which is still true, don’t get me wrong okay? It’s not like I do these things because I like to or anything!) but there are times where I do like hanging out with people and enjoying myself. I guess it’s something everyone likes to do, I’m still human (debatably) so that must be a natural thing for us all.

Looking back on that evening, it wa fun and a nice break from my usual Sunday routine. I got out, visited some people, had free food and played GTA V, what more could I ask for? Okay I could ask for a lot, but I won’t get into that now… Anyways, consider this my long awaited blog post and prove I’m not dead and gone. Thanks for reading, cya next time!



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