Tales of Sky: No ups, but all downs to procrastination

So cute!! I can't wait to look at this for the next year!!
So cute!! I can’t wait to look at this for the next year!!

I’m sure we all know just how bad procrastination can be when it’s left for a long time, but today it finally came back to kick me in the ass, big time too.  Let me start at the beginning though, this tale goes back a few months.

I’ll start at the end of August/start of September. During that time I was going through some hell. Getting evicted, moving, getting evicted a week later, you know, all that fun stuff. Anyways, in the midst of it all I got a letter from the bank; not a life endingly bad letter, but just one with my new bank card as my current one would be expiring soon. Due to the chaos surrounding me I packed that letter, along with the mental note to deal with it soon.

Jump cut to last Friday, the 6th. I’m checking my bank account online and I’m prompted if I want to update my address and contact info. I click ‘Ask me later’ and forget about it. Time skip to Saturday, the 7th. I’m at the bank putting money into my account so I’ll have enough to buy a calendar. Move to the next day, Sunday the 8th. I’m buying said calendar online and on the final step where you put in the card info. Looking at my card I see the expiration date 11/13. Oh no…. no… no, no, no, no, NO, NO, NO, NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah that’s right, my card expired at the end of November, I’m trying to buy this calendar on the 8th of December. So right away I’m flying into panic mode/rage mode but mostly just so angry with myself for not activating my new card. So let’s move to Monday, the 9th. Finishing my math final (more like failing my math final) I head down to the local CIBC to get my new card activated. Turns out all I needed to do was chuck it into the ATM and conduct a transaction or just check my balance. It took less than 30 seconds and I wasted a whole 3 months not doing that.

So it’s still Monday, I head home eager to buy that calendar. I order it without any problems, get my confirmation e-mail and sit back for the wait. Jump to early Tuesday the 10th (today or tomorrow depending on when you’re reading this) I get an e-mail saying there is a problem processing my card. Oh no…. no… no, no, no, no, NO, NO, NO, NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Since it’s 1:30AM I can’t exactly start screaming my lungs out, but I’m sitting there muttering the f word for about 30 seconds before I finally read the rest of the e-mail. Thankfully I’m able to reply to the message and get an answer back rather quickly. Guess what was wrong with my card? THE ADDRESS ON THE CARD WASN’T RIGHT!!!! HAD I JUST UPDATED THAT INFO WHEN IT PROMPTED ME THEN I WOULDN’T HAVE THIS PROBLEM RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And that’s where things sit right now. I’ve updated my info with the bank, but they said it could take a few days to make it through the system. My calendar is currently on hold in Japan right now, waiting for my banking info to get fixed before they can ring my card through and send me the calendar. I’m kicking myself here for not activating my card when I got it and not updating my address when prompted. I could be happily waiting for my calendar right now if I did that, now I’m anxious and scared. I want to get my calendar before the 25th (not that it’s a gift or anything) but I just really want it!

I’ll tweet out some updates on how this situation is unfolding, but as for now I’m stuck playing Murphy’s terrible ‘Waiting Game.’  Man I really hate that guy… if I ever run into him one of these days…

Oh and if you’re wondering what calendar I’m talking about, feast your eyes on this work of art. Now you see why I’m losing my mind over this matter? If you’re looking for a calendar for 2014, I recommend J-List as they’ve got tons of awesome calendars, including this jaw dropping sexy one. I’d have gotten that one, but I know mom would go through the roof the moment she’d see it. But man is that a sexy calendar, I’d buy it other wise, but the one I’m getting is nice enough for me.

So ends this Tale of Sky, I’ll cya next time.



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  1. […] This is obviously a direct follow up to last weeks post about my trials of trying to order a calende…Who’d of thought something like this can put one through so much stress. Seriously I’ve been on edge ever since I got the e-mail saying they couldn’t process my card. Thankfully my bank, CIBC, was able to get my address updated and I’ve put in another order for my calender. I’ve got my hopes high this time, the address is correct, I’ve got enough money in my account, hell the calender is even on sale too! Instead of paying $41 I’m only paying $39 this time; sure it’s not much but when you’ve got nothing to really start with, saving a few bucks is a big deal. […]


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