The Waiting Game

Please keep me in your hearts and prayers!
Please keep me in your hearts and prayers!

Man it’s a tough game to play, ain’t it? Waiting for something to happen. There are usually only two results: one good and one bad. So as I’m sure we’ve all played this game before, it feels like I’ve been shoved into more rounds than I normally like to play.

EDIT 1: Strike 2 for me. Damn it this is just so frustrating! Why can’t my card just work? Seriously I’m not asking that much. The address can’t be the issue, I updated it correctly; there is money in my account and my card is 100% real and legit. Technically, physically, mentally, and emotionally this should be working yet it isn’t and I wanna know why. I’ll update this with more info when I get it.

EDIT 2: Ho ho! Looks like I’ve got another shot at this! Customer Service finally got back to me with the intel I needed. From the sounds of it, it’s the general international ordering process that might be screwing things up. I’ll have to call up my bank and tell them I’m having trouble ordering something from oversees. So I’m still in the game now! I’ll have one more update when I have more info!

EDIT 3: Success at last! After a trip to the bank, I’ve finally cleared up this whole ordering process. I’ll have the details in a post coming soon!

This is obviously a direct follow up to last weeks post about my trials of trying to order a calender online. Who’d of thought something like this can put one through so much stress. Seriously I’ve been on edge ever since I got the e-mail saying they couldn’t process my card. Thankfully my bank, CIBC, was able to get my address updated and I’ve put in another order for my calender. I’ve got my hopes high this time, the address is correct, I’ve got enough money in my account, hell the calender is even on sale too! Instead of paying $41 I’m only paying $39 this time; sure it’s not much but when you’ve got nothing to really start with, saving a few bucks is a big deal.

So if you’re a person who likes to shop online on a regular basis, what kind of fun things do you run into at times? If you’ve got a story you’d like to share, by all means do so. Maybe that whole group comfort thing actually works. I’ll update this post when I get the confirmation that it’s either worked or failed again. If it’s failed once more, you might want to steer clear of me for a bit, I’ll be on full rage mode until I can get things settled. Right then, cya around!

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