Storage Wars

One of the banes of my existence
One of the banes of my existence

Probably for the past 7 years nothing has caused me so much grief and anger more than keeping things in a storage locker. Why is that? Let me explain.

Since we’ve never lived in a house big enough for us all, there was always a need to keep somethings in storage. Probably what comes to mind first is what happened a few years ago, something that will stay with me for years to come still.

We were living in yet another place just a bit too small for everything (no we don’t have loads of junk or anything like that) so some of our stuff, okay a lot of it, had to be kept in storage. During that time I was told repeatedly that things were be fine with that and we’d get our stuff back soon. Then one morning I’m woken up and told that due to that storage lockers not being paid for in months, they had emptied the contents of said lockers and tossed in all into the landfill. Yes, you read right and I wish I was making this up.

Not only did I lose a bunch of things, but so did my sister, brother and mother too. Dad, mean while, was still trying to blame it on the owners of the storage place, but in reality he was pretty much the cause of it all. Promising he’d deal with the bills, then never paying them, and to top it all off, always arguing with the storage owners. Looking back at that morning when I got the news I was so done for that day. I wasn’t even out of bed but I just lost it right there.

Probably what bothers me most about that loss are the important things that were taken. My awards and medals from my glory days on the track and field team. Just to emphasize how important those were,  I broke a school record in the 200m sprint. They gave me an award and medal at the closing assembly that year. It’s probably my biggest achievement in life thus far. But now it’s lost forever, along with my many other medals and ribbons.

The next big loss I suffered was to my massive Lego collection. No joke, I had probably a few thousand dollars worth Lego and I loved it so dearly. Back then I was completely possessed by Lego, I couldn’t do anything without thinking about it. I lived, breathed and thought about Lego every single day. My whole life was dedicated to buying Lego and I wasn’t planning on stopping there. My very first Lego sets were lost among 75% of it too. It’s just too hard to think about all that hard work was just thrown away like that. Literally I poured my heart and soul into that collection and I cherished every brick of it. Now I’m not into Lego any more. I’ve got nothing against it, but the fact it’s stupidly expensive (Star Wars the most), the general build quality isn’t as good as it should be, and the fact it’s nearly all Chinese plastic, I can’t bring myself to spend what little money I do have into buying it. But the sets I still have with me are among my top favorites, including all my Bionicle (remember those guys?) and some Star Wars sets including the 2008 masterpiece Republic Attack Gunship with my all time favorite clone trooper Commander Cody. I love that one to death and I’m glad I still have it.

But how does this all relate to my outing on Wednesday? Well our current situation sees all our stuff in storage once more. The two storage lockers haven’t been paid for in 2 months and the owners are getting upset. Now I don’t really have that many things after the events of a few years ago, but still I have no intention of losing what little I do have. Thankfully my sister has drawn the line and had enough with this shit. With help from my mom too we were able to separate our stuff from Dad’s and put it in a different locker under my sisters name. That way it’ll be taken care of and she’ll pay for it (as she actually has a job…) It’s just another reason why I really appreciate my sister so much, she looks out for us in ways like that.

So the long and short of it is the three of us were tasked with doing that on Wednesday. It was hard, cold, my arms still hurt a bit and my legs even hurt a bit too, but in the end we were able to successfully accomplish the task and now our belongings are safe once more. I’ve decided over the past while I I wouldn’t really talk about too much “personal” personal stuff on my blog, I’m sure it’s not really something entertaining to read about, but I just wanted to write something about this. It’s tough thinking about it all and it’s not going to be something I’ll forget about soon, but really it all could’ve been avoided in the end.

And since I said I would mention something about this, I’ve finally bought my calendar with my sisters help. I’ll be paying her back of course, but it’s finally going to be on it’s way to me. When it’ll get here I’m not sure, but I’ll take a few pics when it arrives.

So that’s it for this post, sorry for putting you through another one for my sob stories, but I’ve just wanted to write about this for a while now. I’ll see you on the 25th for a holiday themed post, pictures of cute anime girls included so don’t miss it.




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