Zero to Hero Day 2: Tell me, what’s your name?

"Come on, boss, when have I ever let you down?"
“Come on, boss, when have I ever let you down?”

Day 2 of the Zero to Hero Challenge here on WordPress! Let’s take a look at what we’re dealing with today.

Day 2 Challenge: What’s Your Name?
Today’s assignment: edit your title and tagline, and flesh them out more in a widget.

Hmm…. I’ve just done a huge overhaul to my blog a little while ago, everything is already in working order and looks fine.  What should I do this time? Should I just do an origins story behind how I chose the name for my blog? Fine, guess I’ll do that.

Shortly after accidentally creating a WordPress account and deciding to start a blog, I picked apart my brain thinking up a good name to use. Now for a while before that I was rolling with the screen name ‘SkyCorps’ and I thought, “hey, that’s a pretty cool name, why not use that’ hence that’s how I named my blog. Oh and for all you wondering where the ‘SkyCorps’ name idea came from, I’ll finally tell you, unless you already know.

Not as much as I am now, but back then I was a huge Star Wars fan. Obsessed you could say. Mostly them Lego, damn I wasted my life away with Lego. But you can read about that here. One of my favorite characters in Star Wars is a clone trooper commander, CC-2224. Maybe you don’t recognize the code, but you know the name Commander Cody. Cody is a clone marshal commander, meaning he’s a high ranking commander in the Grand Army of the Republic. His rank is the equivalent of a  Major General or Lieutenant General in other services, but more importantly it’s the highest rank a clone can get. So pretty much he’s one of the best guys out there. Cody commands the 212th Attack Battalion as well as the 7th Sky Corps.

7th Sky Corps… Sky… Corps, doesn’t that sound cool?  The long and short of it, that’s how I chose my name to use online and finally the name for my blog. So true you may have to be some kind of a nerd to get that reference or maybe you just really know your Star Wars, but that’s the deal with my blog name.

The tag line that I’m rolling with now “Alone I will write, alone I will fight” that’s just something that I thought up one afternoon. There isn’t really much to it actually. Maybe it’s just reflecting how I’m alone and don’t want to associate with people. Whatever the reason I chose it and it’s kinda stuck. I do change it from time to time if I feel I need to put something better there, but for the most part it’ll stay like that.


Well let’s call this challenge complete. Day 2 will come to a close and I can now think about Day 3’s challenge. So like I said in the previous post, be sure to leave a Like or comment, I like getting the feedback as it makes me feel like I’m doing this for a reason. Check me out on Twitter if you feel up for my tweets about my obsession with Love Live! or whatever else I think about on a day to day basis.

Until Day 3, cya!




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