Zero to Hero Day 3: Speaking Your Mind


Sup! Hello and welcome to another throw down  of the WordPress challenge, Zero to Hero: 30 Days to a Better Blog. I’m your trusty author of this fine blog you’re reading and I implore you to sit back in your seat, relax and enjoy your reading.

Let’s start!

Day 3 Challenge: What’s on Your Mind?
Today’s assignment: write the post that was on your mind when you decided to start a blog.

Looking back to January 16th, 2013 I’m not really sure what was going through my mind when I posted what came to be The Intro post. I was just some confused teen trying to start a blog because he’d accidentally created a WordPress account and wasn’t sure what to do with it. My first post after that came in the form of a funny quote from my English class, some guy saying something that I must have thought was a riot back then. Maybe it’s still funny, who knows?

From that post onwards, I had a few other quote posts, then an episode of me cooking then from there I really don’t know or want to take the time to go look for. So as this challenge has a few other ways to win, I’ll exploit those instead.

Write the post that was on your mind when you decided to commit to Zero to Hero, or read the post on breaking down barriers, and draft a post that you’ve been holding back.

I’ll take the first part of this sentence.

What was going through my mind when I decided to start this Zero to Hero challenge? Already being Batman, I think I’ve got that whole ‘hero’ thing down, but nevertheless I still wanted to try this out. After seeing a few things in my Reader (notably this post) my curiosity sparked and I wanted to know what this was all about. After reading up on it here, I decided to give it a shot, seeing how one of my goals for the new year was to blog more.

Already at Day 3 and I’m thoroughly enjoying this challenge quite a lot. I’m posting something new pretty much everyday, I’m breaking records on my blog here, and overall I’m having a fun time writing and expressing my thoughts this way.

Impresive to say the least. Thanks to all those who helped me reach this milestone.
Impressive to say the least. Thanks to all those who helped me reach this milestone.


More awards! Thanks guys!
More awards! Thanks guys!


Well I guess I’ll wrap up my Day 3 post here. I’ve completed this challenge pretty well I think so I look forward to Day 4. By the way, I’ll have that Day 4 post up soon, along with Day 5 too! Hopefully tomorrow as I’ll have some free time to write, but I’ll see when I wake up.

Thanks for reading guys; be sure to leave a Like or comment and if you want to contact me or just feel like reading my thoughts, drop me a line via Twitter. That box on the right side will lead you to where I am.

Cya later!




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