Kantoku 2014 Calendar

Yeah it's a lot bigger than I was expecting.
Yeah it’s a lot bigger than I was expecting.

Finally! Finally after waiting for so long, my calendar is finally here!

Okay it’s not exactly a surprise, I knew it was here on Friday, it’s just that I had it delivered to the post box rather than the apartment. The long and short of this is there are only a few buses that go up that way, none on the weekend, so I had to wait to Monday before considering retrieving my calendar. But in the end my sister picked up the mail after she finished work, so I never had to go out to get it.

But enough talk, let’s take a look at the pics!

So this is the box it arrived in.
So this is the box it arrived in.
These also came in the box.
These also came in the box.

Sadly one thing these pictures don’t capture is the amazing color of this calendar. It’s truly breathtaking how lush and vivid the color is in this calendar. You really have to be here to believe it. That’s probably what stands out the most for me, just that sheer depth and richness of color that explodes off each picture. Truly wonderful! I’ve gotta hand it to Kantoku, that guy knows how to make amazing pictures and cute girls.

So there you have it, all 12 months of the year coupled with amazing artwork or super cute anime girls! I’d like to take a moment to thank J-List.com for the calendar, I’m so happy I bought it, despite the problems I went though to get it, but in the end everything turned out great.

Even as this is the best calendar I’ve ever owned, there is one thing I don’t like about it, that being: to change months you have to tear off the page for the next month. True it’s perforated, but the actual tearing off of the page can be an extremely dangerous task, as if you move to fast you’ll rip the whole picture in half. You may as well kill yourself if you do that.

Other then that small flaw, this calendar is everything I could want and then some. It’s huge, looks amazing on the wall, the details are top notch, the color absolutely amazing and the overall pictures used are so gorgeous! If you can still find one online somewhere, I highly recommend buying it, you will 100% be amazed with it. I totally guarantee that too. Needless to say this calendar gets a 12/10 from me, it’s just breathtaking to look at and has stunning color. A must buy for any Kantoku fan or just someone looking for a calendar of cute anime girls that’s safe for work. Just make sure you’ve got a chunk of wall space, this baby is big.

Alright, that’s it for me. I hope you enjoyed the pics and if you want super high quality scans of them, I recommend downloading them via this link.

I’ll cya back here for Day 6 of the Zero to Hero challenge!




    • Yeah kinda like those notepads that you tear off at the top. For each month I’ll have to do that. It’s scary as one wrong move and I’ve got a huge tear down the middle of the picture.


    • Exciting as it’s a new month (my birthday is that month too) but terrifying as I have to tear the page off.

      Thanks for the comment; it’s quite the calendar to look at.


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