Zero to Hero Day 6: Try Something New

Nothing beats Miku eating some food.
Nothing beats Miku eating some food.

Hey there, welcome back to another day of the Zero to Hero: 30 Days to a Better Blog Challenge! I’m sure you’re eager to read what I’ve got in store for you today, so let’s get started!

Day 6 Challenge: Publish a post that includes a new element
Today’s Assignment: publish a post that includes a new-to-you element.

Alright then, looking over the rules of engagement for today’s challenge, I’ll be going with a secondary way of passing this, that being using the Daily Prompt way. So I’ll be using the prompt from January 6th (which you can read here) as my template for where I’ll be starting. I’ll slightly modify it along the way too.

Okay, so when it comes to thinking, any thinking for that matter, I normally don’t have a set place where I go to sit and think, it’s more of a sporadic thing. If I get a really good idea while I’m out and about, then I’ll starting pondering over it greatly. If I get an idea watching anime (which happens quite a lot) then I’ll usually put it on hold until I’m finished watching before putting some serious thought into it.

But probably a time tested way to get good ideas is when I take a shower. I don’t know, but for some reason the act of taking a shower seems to give me ideas for stories or pretty much another else. The bad thing though that can happen with these shower ideas is that sometimes that don’t really pan out like I want them to. Case a point, a story I was writing a while ago (I’ve since given up on that story) I got a really good idea while taking a shower and thought it would make the story better. Turns out when it came to actually putting fingers to keys, the idea was so far out and crazy that I was starting to question my own sanity (something I frequently do).

Another way I like getting ideas is by listening to music. There are just some songs I like listening to when I’ve got an idea; I’m not sure if they help with the molding of the idea down to a workable state, but they seem to always help in one way or another. One of those songs I enjoy listening to when I’ve got an idea bouncing around in my head is this one:

And this one too:

For some reason these songs help me think.

Just jumping back here for a moment, what seems to be something I notice is that I can get ideas from pretty much any and everything in some way or another. I’ll read a book, watch a movie, talk to someone, go somewhere, see something, overhead a conversation and whatnot, but throughout the day I pick things and form them into something that might be useful at some point. Sure not everything works out, not everything will, but sometimes it’s just the act of putting together a bunch of smaller ideas to form something big that can set you on your way to writing the next big thing.

What about you, any places and certain things that trigger ideas for you? Feel free to share if you want to.

I’d call this challenge complete for today, I think I’ve covered all the points that need covering so I’ll bring this to a close. If you’ve enjoyed what you read here, be sure to leave a Like and/or comment, your feedback is greatly appreciated .

I’ll cya for Day 8!



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  1. Something that triggered good ideas with me was, believe it or not, having exams. Back in November or so, when I was studying for me semester 2 exams, all sorts of ideas for posts (and random vaguely humorous tweets) kept popping into my head while I was attempting to revise. I guess I just wanted to not think about exams haha. Anyway, only two of them actually ended up getting published, but I found that was one of the peak times for my creative juices flowing. Now I’m on holidays, and my brain has turned into a fat slug and I can’t think anymore 😦


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