The ABC’s of SkyCorps

The ABC Award!
The ABC Award!

Wow! Another award! This is quite the way to start off the new year, first the Liebster Award and now the ABC or Awesome Blog Content Award.

Now then let’s get started!

So my good friend over at Sleeping Geeks passed this award along to me and I’m very grateful he did, thanks man! This time around the rules that come with this award are simple and seem like a lot of fun. I’ll give you a quick rundown before starting.

  1. Download the award (right click save as) and add it to your post/about page
  2. Nominate as many other blogs as you want (I’ve seen it as low as 1 to as high as 12)
  3. Take each letter (A-Z) and write something about yourself that starts with said letter

Okay then, that seems to be what I can gather from looking around. Now I’ll begin the A-Z list. Please sit back and enjoy the read! Pics included too!


A is for anime. I love anime and I couldn’t imagine getting this far in life without it.

Amazingly epic
Amazingly epic

B is for Batman. Yes I had to have this in here, so I may as well have it up front. Batman is the best, we all know that and the sooner we accept that, the better. No hard feelings if you like other superheroes though, just keep in mind Batman’s got a billion plans to beat them if they turn.

My favorite team!
My favorite team!

C is for Canucks, my favorite NHL team. Win or lose, I’ll cheer them on to the Stanley Cup! Go Canucks Go!

D is for dollars, something I need more of.

E is for energy, something I wish I had more of at times.

F is for food, because who the hell doesn’t like food?

G is for games, I don’t play enough games.

H is for height, I’m a tall guy.

I is for inspiration; I love finding something that inspires me to write a story. It’s a rewarding feeling.

J is for jacket, I want a really cool jacket but my taste is too expensive and I’m too broke to get it.

At times I wish I had a little sister like her.
At times I wish I had a little sister like her. Boy would that be fun.

K is for Kirino Kousaka, one of my top favorite anime characters of all time. She’s too cute and I wouldn’t mind if I had her as my little sister. Life would be a lot more interesting that way. Did I mention just how amazingly cute Kirino is?

L is for laptop, something I spend countless hours on writing, watching anime, or talking with people. Useful tool it is, eh?

Even if you're not into cars, you gotta admit this is beautiful.
Even if you’re not into cars, you gotta admit this is beautiful.

M is for Mercedes Benz. Yeah guess what, I’m having a car reference in here too. Deal with it. The SLS AMG is probably my favorite car by them, although it’s being discounted this summer. *cries* The SL65 AMG Roadster is an absolute beast though. If I had a spare $260,000 sitting around I’d buy one for sure. Anyone wanna ride shotgun?

Tsundere MeterN is for Nick, my name. Alternately I could’ve had N be for my new favorite anime, Nisekoi. God I love that anime so much.

O is for Oreimo, one of my all time top 3 favorite anime. I can’t put into words how much I love that anime, even if it’s got heavy incest vibes I still love it a lot.

P is for planning, something I try to do in order to avoid confusion and misunderstanding.

Q is for quitting, something that I probably shouldn’t do as much.

R is for rushing, I tend to end up doing if my planning fails.

S is for sleep, something I don’t get enough of on a regular basis.

T is for tests, something I loath.

U is for umbrella. If you live of the west coast of Canada then you already know what I mean.

V is for victory. I was a decorated track and field star back in my glory days, I led our relay team to 1st place as well as break a school record in the 200m sprint. I know speed because I am speed.

W is for writing. I love writing, hence this blog, and I really strive my hardest to be the best writer I can be. Thanks for the support guys!

X is for X-ray, something I’ve never had done because I’ve never broken any bones before.

Y is for you, thank you guys for loving my blog so much!

Z is for zoom, as I fly off into the sunset.

I hope you enjoyed the ABC’s of SkyCorps, but before I close this post, I’ve gotta nominate some blogs. Here we go.

Quizoxy (Follow up post)

Tsukiyo no Hikari

Just Another Heaven (Follow up post)

Who Cares About Kids These Days Anyways?

Thanks again Sleeping Geeks for the award!



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