A New Blogging Venture?

Searching for something new.
Searching for something new.

I’ve had this idea for a while… but I’m not sure how to progress with it.

There are lots of tools and resources at my disposal and it’s finally dawned on me that I’m not using them all to their full potential. I’ve got ideas, actual big ideas, but I’m not sure how to really sort them out or go about making them a reality. Maybe it’s something we all do, get tons of great ideas, some that are legitimately¬†feasible, but we don’t know how to get them started.

Pretty much it’s this: I want to start another blog.

I was thinking maybe an anime centered blog but I’m not exactly a reviewing type person. I mean yeah sure anyone can review something, we all do at some point or another in our daily lives, but I mean reviewing anime seems like a massively daunting task. I’m not exactly up on every anime out there, hell according to my list I’ve only seen 151 series, take out the specials, OVA’s and movies, I’m probably looking at a sizable handful there.

But I don’t exactly have to do a review blog. Hell, there’s no clear cut rule saying that every anime blog has to be a review blog. What if I just wanna spam pics I like and have some lame ass witty comment with them? Sure that’d be humorous for the first while, but jokes die faster than flies. I couldn’t keep that up forever. So what does that leave me with? Reviewing things? Editorial posts? I’m a writer yeah I know, but reviewing isn’t something I can look to and say I’ve got a “strong point” in. Yes I know it’s all pretty much personal opinion and all, but there should be some objective parts to it too, even if it’s your beloved anime you can’t live without. Plus in all honesty when I have a few thoughts about a recently watched ep, I tweet about it. My review in 140 characters or less. Sometimes with an out of 10 rating.

On the flip side, I like writing. My last writing blog crashed and burned; I just now put the gun to it’s head and pulled the trigger actually. But it had a few things I liked about it. Hmm… yeah okay it’s not coming to me now but they’re there, okay?

Then there’s this far off idea of having a guest speaker on my blog, someone who could write something about something and I’d post said something here and we’d all get a giggle out of it. Yeah those are the types of ideas that keep me up at night. Maybe it’s just because I see lots of other blogs that have something similar to this happening, or maybe I’m finally realizing that I shouldn’t spend time lying in bed thinking too hard about things. Whatever the case is I’m off topic.

Blogs. Blogging. Starting a blog. Starting another blog. I want to do this, but I’m not sure what to do. It’s like the framework of an idea waiting for everything else to show up. I’m sitting thinking about this idea but I can’t get it anywhere. I know the rest of the idea is there, buried deep, I just gotta find it and make it work. Forcing myself isn’t the good idea though, I know that, I know this idea will come to me soon, it’s just that wait I’m worried about. I’m waiting for enough things to happen these days, this shouldn’t be one of them.

You know, this is actually turning into one of my “Thinking Aloud” posts. I’m babbling away about nothing really, yet I’m sure if you’ve made it this far than you must be interested in where this post is trying to go. Maybe I will start another blog, as for what it’ll be about, I’m not sure but I really do want to make this idea work. I feel like I’ve got tons left in the tank and I should do something with this feeling I’ve got.

I’d ask for options here, but I’m not exactly sure what I would be asking for. Help on trying to think up a new idea for a blog? Help on trying to figure out what I’m thinking? Yeah no. This falls under one of those “figure it out yourself” categories. I know I can do this, I’m very capable of doing this, but it’s just a chore trying to put together all these small ideas to form one big one that I can use to make a blog with. Think of it as a Lego set, you’ve got all the bricks, but no instruction booklet; it’s up to you to built your 1500 piece starship and make it look like how it does on the box. This blog is the final box image, the pieces are all in my mind, now all I just gotta do is build the damn thing.

I’m done. This post is over. I’ll have more to say on this whole topic later… when I feel like it.



  1. HELL YES!
    I literally fist pumped in the air reading this during dinner, and my mom was looking at me with a really weird look.
    But YES. Hell YES! I am SO in for the anime blog! Maybe even make a all-Japanese revieuw blog or something, so you can also talk about your favorite music, Japanese restaurants you’ve been at, culture things, that kinda stuff!
    I’m really glad you suggested this, I really need more Japanese-themed blog to follow! I’m sure it’s going to be great!

    About the revieuw part – I understand. I really do. I want to do the giggle thingy comment blog thing too, actually, that was what this blog was suppost to be. But I don’t think I can do this in English, I think I could get the job done if I wrote it in Dutch though. But whatever kind of you blog you’re gonna make, I support this idea!

    One last thing though; don’t push yourself. I run 4 blogs at the same time so I know exactly what it’s like to feel the need to update them all. I also got school, and real life, and a whole bunch of other stuffs, so make sure this thing – if you’re gonna do it – doesn’t cause you too much stress.



    • Thanks for the reply!

      While I’m still going over the process of creating this whole new blog idea, I’m leaning more and more towards the anime blog route. I think it could work well, but it will take a bit to craft it just right. I will make the new blog on WordPress blog though, I thought about making it on Blogger, but I’m not really a huge fan on how they run things. WordPress, in my mind, is awesome and I totally love the layout of things and just the overall feel of it.

      I’ll probably have a post or two more about this new blog idea or maybe just Twitter updates, but when it comes time to launch it, I’ll let you know.



  2. […] officially launched. But before I got to that point, there was a a huge development process that started with this one post. From that moment forward the idea couldn’t be stopped. I was dead set on starting an anime […]


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