Road to the New Blog Part 1: Getting Ideas

Working away on something amazing!
Working away on something amazing!

For the duration of creating this new blog, I’ll have an ongoing series called Road to the New Blog. It’ll be focusing on the creative process in crafting this new blog, as well as a chance for you to have some input into how it’ll all turn out.

Shall we begin?

Before I jump into this, I highly advise you read my previous post as this post will make so much more sense when you read it.

Pretty much it’s come to this: I want to start a new blog, but I’m having a tough time sorting out all my ideas. By now I can officially say that it will be an anime related blog so expect things along those lines: stuff about anime I’m watching, music, pictures, videos, and yes I’ll have Vocaloid stuff in there too. How could I leave out my one true love, Hatsune Miku?

I can also confirm that this new blog will be a WordPress blog, so if you’re a WP blogger already, this can be something you can easily follow. No offense to Blogger or anyone on Blogger, but I just wasn’t down for my time I was there. I felt pretty confused and everything seemed to be not where I would’ve liked it to be. If you like Blogger though by all means use it, I’m not here to make that choice for you.

So with those two things out of the way, I can now think about how to put this all together. Yes it’s going to be an anime blog, I know that, but am just so skeptical about the whole review thing. If I do decide to write any reviews, I’ll just wing it and say something short and to the point, what I liked about said ep and what I didn’t like. I mean that’s what a review pretty much is right?

I’ll probably also random pics with shitty lame ass comments attached to them, they’ll always be optional if you wanna laugh at it or not, I’ll leave it up to you. Pictures are something I really wanna have a lot of on this new blog. I’m always finding these amazing new pics on Pixiv or somewhere else and I have to save them since they’re so awesome. And with pics must come videos too. Well at least maybe a few vids here and there, probably Vocaloid stuff or something else, PV’s for upcoming anime maybe.

So with a line up like that, lost of media, I’ll need a really good theme for my blog to run on. This is where I direct the question to you WordPress blogger folk: do you know any good themes that might suit my needs? Pretty much ones with lots of area for media content and photos. I’ll look at some myself and maybe do a poll of which on people like the most. If you know any, please leave a comment with the link to it and I’ll check it out.

And lastly a name. What will I call my blog? This is one of those things that’s been bothering me for a bit. Naming things (babies, books, chapters, blogs) is always a hard thing to do. The name you choose has to be perfect, because you can’t half ass your blog’s name. I’ll have an open call for name for my blog, I’ve got nothing right now besides ‘The SkyCorps Anime Blog’ which is dripping with creativity as you can tell. But I just want something that’s good and will catch the reader’s attention and make him/her want to keep coming back to my blog. Also the name of the blog is usually the first thing you see so it has to be good.

In classic tradition of how I usually do things, I’ll strive to deliver my usual enjoyable style of writing as well as presenting things in a clean, clear and orderly fashion. With each post I’ll try my hardest to make sure it’s error free and everything sounds and looks right.

I guess this brings part 1 of this creative process to a close. If you’ve got anything to say, please express yourself in the comments below. I’ll answer any and all comments and I look forward to any input from you.

Thank you and I’ll cya in the next post!




  1. No suggestions with titles, sorry. I think that’s one of the things which is better thought of yourself.

    With regards to theme, tbh I don’t think it matters that much as long as it looks neat and isn’t one if those annoying ones where the homepage is lots of pictures with no writing and you have no idea what each post is about. Like, I think something similar to what you have now would be fine.


    • Yeah I’m sure I’ll think up a title at some point.

      I’ll browse the theme’s when I get some time. Yeah the ones with all pictures and no writing are a bit annoying, I’ll make sure I don’t succumb to that.


  2. The title is the hardest part hahaha. Themes are probably the 2nd hardest to come by xD

    I’m planning on moving onto WordPress myself, or even hosting a server myself when/if I get funds for it. Although I’m perfectly fine with Blogger, I really want to move onto WordPress. It’s just that I have almost 40,000 views t(-_-;t) Probably once I have a lot of free time (School’s over in a couple months = 4 month Summer break<3) I'll make the switch.

    Anyways, once you get everything sorted out, lemme know! I'm looking forward to your blog :')


    • Thanks man!

      WordPress is pretty awesome and it’s worked out really great for me. I wish you the best of luck on the switch; I’ll be the first to follow your WordPress blog when you get it up and rolling.

      I’ve been browsing themes and I think I might have found one that’s pretty good.

      As for a name, that’s still an ongoing problem. I’ll think of something soon… I hope.


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