Road to the new Blog Part 2: Getting the Theme Right

Working hard!
Working hard!

Hello all and welcome back for another progress update with my new anime blog I’m in the process of making. Today I’ll be talking a bit about the possible themes I’ll be using.

Obviously my blog needs a theme to run on, so I’ve been looking through the WordPress themes trying to find a nice one. I always rage a lot when I look at the themes though as the really nice ones are Premium and cost real money. Maybe someday in the future I’ll have money and I’ll buy one to use. Anyways, taking my blog needs into consideration I’ve picked out 3 themes that offer what I’m looking for. Please take a look and check out the live demo too so you can better understand how it looks action.


I like this one because it’s got a nice header area for large pics and looks very clean and tidy. It’s got room for sidebars too, for my Twitter, stats, followers and other things. I saw it first and we all know that something we see first is usually the one we stick with, unless something else comes up and blows my mind.


I was actually considering this theme for my blog, but that was before I saw the Twenty Fourteen theme and went with that one instead. I like it as it seems like something an anime blog would run on, a theme like this. It’s got room still for a nice large header pic, sidebar action going on there, and I might do some kinda custom background thing too. Whatever the case, it’s a neat little theme.


Not just because it says Gotham there, but because it’s yet another nice and clean theme with a huge header area (damn that’s nice) and cool sidebar action going on once more. The full width template option is also pretty cool, but when it’s in the form there aren’t any sidebars. *cries* If I went with this one, I probably wouldn’t use that option as I love them sidebars for Twitter and stats.


So there you have it, the 3 themes that I’ve chosen for my anime blog. Keep in mind I’ll be tweaking them my liking too, adding/removing things that do/don’t work; I’ll also change up the colors too, making it suit my tastes too. Lastly before you leave, I’d like some opinion about what theme you like the most. I know I’ve got the final choice, but since I’m making it for people to read, I’d like to know what they think about it too. Yes you’re important to me. Really, you are.

Alright then, if you’ve got comments on said themes I’ve chosen, by all means say so, I’ll get back to you asap. Thanks for reading and I hope you’re excited for this new blog!



  1. I voted for the Yoko theme. I like it because it’s neat and easy to read, and I know it works well because one of the blogs I follow used to use it, and it’s overall friendly. The Untitled theme looks a bit flashier though, but I usually prefer it when you can see a bit of the post’s text, instead of just a picture. The Superhero theme seems good, but I’m not as fond of the header constantly remaining above the text (I am typing this on a tablet though, so it my be different on a desktop computer).

    I wouldn’t spend too much time worrying about the theme though, as long as it’s functional and easy to read it’ll be fine. Just do whatever you want!


    • I’ve never seen the Yoko theme in it’s full potential before, but it’s an appealing theme.

      I like Untitled because I have seen it when it’s really rolling, and wow it looks awesome.

      By the way since you mentioned it, how does my blog look on a tablet and/or phone? I’ve never had a chance to look at the mobile edition before.


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