Writing Contest

This is the true meaning of cool.

Oh this could be good.

My mom actually told me about this contest and from the moment I heard about it I was already interested. It’s a short story contest where you’ve gotta write a 2000 word or less story. No set theme or certain things it has to include, just be 2000 words or less. Simple enough.

My mind is already racing with ideas, notably one based off the picture for February on my Kantoku calendar. I looked at the picture and thought about what might be happening and instantly I had an idea. But what’s more, this contest allows you to enter more than once, meaning I could spam this contest will a trillion stories, but there is a $20 entry fee and I don’t feel like paying a bunch of money I don’t even have.

A picture is worth a 1000 words? Nah make that 2000 words.
A picture is worth a 1000 words? Nah make that 2000 words.

The prizes are pretty good too. First place is $200 plus a bursary to the university for a creative writing course; second place is $100 and third place is $50. Wow that grand prize, pretty nice eh? That would be awesome to win.

Anyways I’m going to be entering this contest, as I’ve currently got little else to do as I wait to try and get into a computer class in April. Being that it’s only 2000 words, I’ll have to keep it brief, hell that post the other day was 1000 words more, so that’s just an idea of how small 2000 words actually is. Because I’ve got a few really good ideas, I want to enter a few stories, but I can’t really afford to be spending all that money on entry fees; I might go for 2 stories, but I’m not sure. What I want to do is write a few stories then choose which one I like the most then enter that one.

Oh as for other details about this contest: deadline for entry is March 17th and the winners are announced on April 24th. Regardless of if I win or not, I’ll post my short stories for all to read after the contest.

Right then, I’m off for some brainstorming on how to write the best story to win this contest!



  1. As a short story writer, I’ll say that there a lot more to writing something concise and compact compared to writing a long-running series. They are two very different beasts. there’s probably a 90% chance that you won’t heed or even take a good glance at my advice but hey, 10% is better than nothing.

    Think, and think hard about what you want to tell. Every story under the sun can be told in 2k words or less, but it is about how well you can execute it.

    Think about your audience. I don’t know who is hosting the contest, but you should find out. It is university professors? English major students? Previous authors? If you are not just writing for the sake of writing, and you are writing to win, then you should try to tailor your story to fit within the range of your audience. Do not try to stuff symbolism and allusions into your story, especially if the judges aren’t teachers.

    Think about these judges who (I’m assuming) possibly have hundreds of stories to read through. What makes yours stand out? Impressive vocabulary? A epic twist? An engaging romance?

    Lastly, competitions are vicious. Never waste what little space you have. Read your stuff over and over, and fix sentences one by one. Be concise, and have 0 grammatical errors.

    Well, good luck with your contest!


    • Thanks for the comment man; wow lots of advice here I’ll start from the top.

      Execution of this story is key, yes I will admit that too, and I’ve put thought into that since hearing about this contest earlier on today. I know it’s not just writing a bunch of words and hoping someone will love it, it’s so much more than that.

      The contest is put on by the local arts council along with the library and university. I’m not entirely sure who will be reading the stories, but I’m guessing someone from each of the groups. I don’t expect them to be looking for university level writing and such, but I’m not going to half ass this based on a hunch. Oh and I’ve never been good with symbolism and/or allusions anyways.

      I’ve never been one for a huge vocabulary in my writing (something I should probably work on…) but I’m aiming to make this story engaging and one that puts you right in the moment. I think I’ll finally crack out the romance story idea I’ve had for a while now; it’s got potential now that I’ve combined it with another bigger idea, but once again it’s how I’ll execute this idea that will be the make or break part.

      And lastly editing; yeah that’s not exactly a strong point of mine (as you know) but looking at my work from a few years ago I can say that I have improved greatly. Back then it was common practice I’d mess up the ‘your’ and ‘you’re’ along with ‘then’ and than’ and probably a few other things too. I want to try to edit a lot of it myself, but there will need to be another set of eyes to read this over for the obvious mistakes I make.

      Thanks for the comment and I will take your advice when I begin writing for this contest. I’ve got lots of time so I’m going to try and write maybe 3 stories then choose one I like the most and pick it apart to make it the best possible thing I’ve ever written. At least that’s the plan.

      I’ll have much more on this in the coming days.



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