Important Update Post

(372)I’ll skip the intro this time, I’ve got things to talk about.

First up is the writing contest. I mentioned this last week or so and talked about how I would be entering this contest. I also mentioned that I had ideas for stories already and would be using them for this contest. So what’s happened since then? Well nothing good I’ll say.

Objectively looking at all 3 ideas I had and were going to use, I now realize that they’re all bad. Not as in I didn’t put any effort into writing them, but just the general plot and everything about it was bad. I didn’t like the dialog, the characters weren’t anything special, the overall feeling I wanted to capture wasn’t there and it just seemed like a short story I’d be writing for school and not a contest. A reader of my blog left a comment on my first post about the writing contest and he really brought out a few good points.

He mentioned first of all to really think hard about what I wanted to tell. Looking at my current 3 stories I was going to go with, even I’m not sure what the hell I was trying to tell. That’s the biggest problem with this I’m finding is that I’m too used to writing a certain type story so when it comes to trying something new, or just compacting a larger idea down to 2k words, I just fall apart and can’t do it. Sure the idea is there and it’s got potential to be something amazing, but the fact alone I can’t execute it properly is what’s bringing me down right now.

As of today, Monday February 17th, I’ve got exactly 1 month until the deadline, March 17th, so while that may be a hefty amount of time, I’ll have to really put in the effort to write the story then edit and make sure it’s all ready to go. To tell you the truth, I’ve never entered any story of mine into a contest, I’m a rookie at this game, and I’m nervous about doing this. I want to write something good for this and I think I’ve got it in me to do so, but it’s just convincing myself of that.

I’ll continue working hard on this and instead of trying to write 3 short stories then pick the best one, I’ll write one and put all my energy into it. As much as I do like my other ideas, I think that I’m putting too much on my plate to work with, trying to write 3 stories like that. Maybe at some point in the future I’ll write those other ideas out into a story, or if I find another contest I’ll have something already in my mind of what I want to write.

So that’s where I stand as of now with the writing contest. It’ll be a struggle to make something good in a month, but I’ll give it my all and write like mad. Wish me luck guys!


That brings me to the next part of this. As some of you may know I’m also writing an on going story titled ‘The Axiom Project‘, maybe you’ve seen the tab for it on the menu bar at the top of my blog and maybe you’ve read it too. But I’ve been thinking, seriously too, about the future of this story and how I’ll continue with it. I’ve posted the first 7 chapters online and I’m finished chapter 8 too, but I’m not sure if I’ll post chapter 8 or any more chapters for that matter.

That’s right, I’m thinking about stopping my posting of this story. Now I know some people out there were reading it and I appreciate that, but overall I feel it’s getting a good reception. I’m not blaming you if you haven’t read it so please don’t take this personally, but I’ve been watching the numbers on each chapter and they’ve gone from 103 on the first one, down to 17 on the latest one.

I’m also worried about people taking my work too. This story is quite compelling and has lots of twists and deception and I wouldn’t want some asshole running off with this claiming it’s his own. But if I take it down and you still want to read it, what then? Hmm… well I haven’t really thought that far ahead just yet but I might be able to work something out, possibly.

Now I’ve considered keeping my writing online though, just moving my operation to another site, that being Scribophile, which is a more serious writers site. It’s also members only so average people wouldn’t be able to continue reading my story. Yesterday I was pretty amped about joining, but after a “good” night’s sleep I’m not sure anymore. I’ve had a look over a few things on their site and I do like what I see, the system being a bit different but still sounding interesting, but… I don’t know I’m just not feeling it. I can’t put the exact feeling into words but I think I’m going to hold off for a bit before making an official decision about this.

It’s a jumble in my mind right now about this whole ordeal so I don’t want to make any big decisions right now; but one thing I will be doing shortly is taking my story down from the current site, meaning chapter 8 will mostly likely not be posted. I’ll continue to think away hard on this all, but that’s just what the future of that story is now.


Up next I want to talk about my new anime blog coming this spring. Like I said in the last update post for it, I was delaying it until the spring anime season as I wanted to start it up when the new anime starts (mostly so I can have stuff on Date A Live season 2 and Love Live season 2) but I do have some new info on my blog that I can tell you now.

For starters it’s going to be here on WordPress as I like how things roll here; secondly I’ve pretty much decided on going with either the Untitled or Yoko theme. Once I begin the actual building of the blog I’ll test out both themes and see which on will look the best to me and will work with what I’ve got planned. Content wise you can expect to see posts with me talking about anime and stuff; I’ll probably have some Vocaloid stuff on there too because I won’t be able to not have something about Miku. I  probably won’t be reviewing anime (unless I feel like it) but for the most part I’ll just be using this blog to direct my obsession with anime (or Maki and Tohka) and things along those lines. Expect lots of pictures and me fangirling uncontrollably about things. Lastly I’ve nearly reached a choice as to the title of the blog too. I tweeted about it a while ago, in case you don’t follow me on Twitter (you really should though) here’s what I had:

Since then I’ve thought about changing it to “Anime Talk With SkyCorps” as that’s kinda more of what it’ll be. But as I’m still thinking over what the final title will be, expect something along those lines. I’m still open for suggestions so if you’ve got something that might spark my interest then by all means let me know.

And lastly I’ve got a launch date for my blog too, that being April 1st. Yes I know that’s April Fools and all, but seriously read this and you’ll understand why I chose this date. I’ll be adding a countdown timer to the launch so it’ll seem more serious that way. Whether or not I’ll have guest writers, I’ll think that over. If you’ve got an anime blog of your own and want to drop by for a post here and there, then I’ll welcome you with open arms. There are still many other factors I’ve got to take into consideration before this launch of this blog, but I’m going to really push for April 1st being the launch of it. If something should come up and I have to delay the launch, then I’ll tweet that update.


So that’s pretty much all I’ve got to say in this update post. Lots of information about what’s going on with me but I feel that these will be the right choices to make. If you’ve got questions, comments, or concerns about anything you read in this post, drop me a comment and I’ll get back to you. I’ll probably have more things to say as these events draw closer, so keep it locked to my Twitter for those updates.

Oh and since you probably don’t know this, I’m turning 20 on Wednesday the 19th. I’m scared, nervous and really feel that I should be doing something with my life at this point. I’d get into details about things, but as that’s a bit too personal, even for this blog, I’ll leave that for the right time.

Thanks for reading this wall of text and I’ll cya in the next post.




  1. First all Congrats on setting a date. It doesn’t seem real with anything until you set a date. That’s what my aunt told me when she was getting married. Granted she got divorced but hey.
    Dude, get on Scribophile. I’m not playing man. They are one of the best communities out there for writers and they accept all skills levels. And no matter what they will always be there for you. And plus since I’m late to the show with your story I want the chance to read it and you can read mine.


    • I really do want to join, but I’m so unsure of it all…

      I’ll make an effort to sign up within the next few days, probably when I get chapter 8 back.

      I’d like to read your story too!


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