Into the City with SkyCorps: Tax Adventures

Says it all
Says it all

An early morning bus ride, breakfast at Tim Hortons, hot cars, filing taxes, an EPIC pair of boobs, and so much more.

Sit back, relax and get ready for another trip Into the City with SkyCorps!

Thursday February 27th was a pretty busy day that started before 6AM, but I wasn’t bothered by that early wake up time. After all I was finally going to Victoria for the first time since November 1st of last year! This trip though had an important purpose,  taxes. Yes in Canada it’s tax season, so everybody has a few months to file their taxes for 2013. Being that I’m now 20 I’ve gotta join in doing that too (although I’d later find out I could’ve filed for 2012 as well).

The bus ride was like always the build up and anticipation for what was to come. I was pretty excited to finally be back in a city for once as the month after month of this little town of mine can be pretty discouraging. Seriously everyday I look out the window and wish I was somewhere else. But that’s a tale for another day. So as we approach the city I’m now fully awake and eagerly looking out the window at the sights. First up I’ve gotta say Uptown Mall is looking nice, they’ve really come a long way since I was last there, it’s looking nice. But like always I was eagerly looking out for the awesome cars I’d be seeing and I didn’t have to wait that long for the first amazing car.

Parked prominently in front of the Jaguar/Land Rover dealership was a silver Aston Martin DB9 Coupe. Yeah that’s right, I actually saw a $280,000 car, not something you see everyday. Sadly I didn’t get a picture as the bus was moving along and I couldn’t focus the camera in time. As the bus continued down the road it neared our stop, but moments before we got off, I happened to look left down a side street and see a black (I noticed it was actually navy up close) car parked. For once I didn’t know what it was, but I knew it was something I’d probably never see again in person. With time running short we (my sister and I by the way) made a quick detour to go check out what this ride was. Upon arriving I was able to give a quick assessment and determine it was a Fisker Karma. For all those unfamiliar with the name, it’s a car made by a company in Finland (who have since closed their doors) but what’s neat about this car is that it’s electric. Check out the pics we snapped of it.

Yeah, check that out.
Yeah, check that out.
A nice side shot there. If you look carefully you can see the solar panels on the roof of the car.
A nice side shot there. If you look carefully you can see the solar panels on the roof of the car.
Close up shot of the front end.
Close up shot of the front end.

So that’s how we started the day, seeing a car like that. I’d later look up that surprisingly this car isn’t crazy expensive. The base model starts at $102,000 and the top of the line model goes for $116,000. Price aside though, this is one nice looking car to see in person.

Trivia fact: this car was parked in front of a cafe and I’m guessing the owner was sitting watching his ride. Since I was so overcome by seeing this, I took these pics regardless of if the owner was watching or not. Hell, I’m not going to let an up close and personal moment with a car like this go. And lastly, the owner of this car was from Vancouver. Yeah I pretty much expected that too. It’s probably someone Asian who owns this car too, as all the Asians in Vancouver own hot cars.

We continued on and picked up breakfast at Tim Hortons before heading to the tax office located a few blocks away. Since this certain service is only offered on Thursday morning, we had to get there an hour early to be first in line. My mom, who was also there to file her taxes, went to Victoria the day before so we met up with her there. In the end we were second in line as another guy got there before us, but it didn’t matter as we were in and out pretty quickly.

Okay so for the actual “tax filing” part of these Tax Adventures, I’m still not exactly sure what happened as when it comes to government things like this I’m totally clueless, but what I do know is that I’ll be getting a check in the mail in a few months with some money. Upwards of $300 I’m pretty sure, maybe a little more. Just a quick questions for you readers: do you have to file taxes too in your country? Is it some long convoluted process to do so? Seems like when it comes to government things there are always so many hoops to jump through before something (if anything) good happens.

Leaving the tax office the main objective of the day was complete and we were now free to do as we please. Mom, being tired and had already done everything yesterday, left for home early, leaving my sister and I to hang out for the rest of the day before we’d take the 3:45 bus home. Passing through the Bay Center we begin our walk around by going through Inner Harbor. As it’s still morning, sometime after 10 by now, it’s not super busy and easier to walk around without having to worry about crowds. Passing by the Legislative Building we notice 3 ambulances parked out front and see a group of paramedics standing around someone on the ground. From the looks of it they were preforming CPR on someone. Usually when you have to preform CPR on someone it means they aren’t breathing. We couldn’t stay too long as there were police officers standing around making sure people didn’t get too close, but I really hope that person made it through.

For the next leg of our walk, we went up to Bacon Hill Park to see the ducks. Yeah there are a LOT of ducks there. Here are a few pics of the ducks. Sadly the pics don’t really capture the full effect of all the ducks, but if you where there you’d understand. Have you ever been to a huge pond with a lot of ducks going around in the water?

Ducks in the pond!
Ducks in the pond!
Ducks crossing the road!
Ducks crossing the road!
Ducks being fed by some people!
Ducks being fed by some people!

So yeah, there were lots of ducks going around. Kinda neat. There are also some Blue Herons that hang out in the trees of the park, but we didn’t see any this time. Normally you hear them as they’re strangely loud, but we didn’t hear nor see any. But if you ever do, you’ll know because they really are big and blue.

Also in Beacon Hill Park is the petting zoo. While it was closed until the afternoon, we still got a chance to see a few animals, notably the peacocks they have there. Check it!

Have you ever seen a peacock up close before? They're pretty neat birds.
Have you ever seen a peacock up close before? They’re pretty neat birds.
An up close shot here. Amazing colors!
An up close shot here. Amazing colors!

There also was a guest appearance by the goats too!

Not a very clear picture, but you can see them back there. Little goats are so funny to watch; they just bounce around and crazy into each other.
Not a very clear picture, but you can see them back there. Little goats are so funny to watch; they just bounce around and crash into each other.

After a very long walk through the rest of Beacon Hill Pack, down Dallas Road, through the scenic route by Inner Harbor we finally make it back to the Bay Center. By now we’re both starving from the long walk and have decided to go get food at the restaurant in the Bay store on the top floor. Entering through the side door instead of the rear door like we had planned, we cut back through the mall to the elevators that would take us up to the top floor.

This is where it happens.

As we pass one of the many kiosks, the girl there asks if we’d like to sample this hand lotion and my sister agrees to. Me not really paying much attention to what the is saying about the lotion, I’m caught off guard whens she asks me to hold out my hand. Wait, what? Now bringing my attention back to the conversation, I look at the girl for the first time. Wow. I know this sounds bad, but seriously the first thing I noticed was her low cut top with these EPIC boobs in there. Holy shit, there goes me trying to pay attention to what she’s saying to me.

Holding out my hand she takes it and pulls out this nail buffer and begins to explain that this product makes nails look amazing in a few seconds. I’m still reeling from seeing these epic boobs that my eyes are darting from her rack to her holding my hand. I wasn’t sure if this was some dream where I’d wake up in a few moments and hate myself for ruining a dream like that. Turns out it wasn’t a dream, this was actually happening. She finishes buffing one of my nails and I look at it, she was right it did look amazing. It was shiny! Like for real!

But shiny nails aside, this girl had the most epic rack I’d seen in ages, not even joking here. So she continues with her sales pitch, I continue trying my hardest not to stare, but it’s way too hard not to. She leans over to write something out on a business card, I nearly die right there. At one point during the conversation (it probably lasted upwards of 15 minutes) she asked if I had a girlfriend (in context of if I would buy this for my girlfriend). But when she asked if I had a girlfriend, man, that made my heart skip a beat. Yeah I know she wasn’t asking if I had a girlfriend in that way,  but given the situation and how I probably wasn’t thinking too clearly at the time, my mind was putting together things I’d want to hear.

So to make a long story short, my sister ended up buying what this girl was selling and we continued on our way. But seriously that girl… it was an experience I’ll reply in my mind for the next week. She also mentioned she’s got another store in one of the other malls… hehe, I know what I might find myself next time.

We finally reached the top of the Bay and made it to the restaurant for our lunch. Beef dip sandwiches. Sorry if I’ve made you hungry, but that’s what we had, seriously. During this whole time though my sister’s phone is nearly out of charge, so that’s why I couldn’t get anymore pics of the rest of our days adventure. We were hoping there would be some outlets at the restaurant, but there weren’t so it was on to plan B. Finishing up our food we continue onto Chapters, my favorite book store, and I eagerly look at the comics and manga they have there. My sister also found an outlet and was able to charge her phone for a bit (it looked so ghetto but there was no other way).

With time moving onwards we had to bring our journey to an end soon. Leaving Chapters after my sister’s phone got some charge we hit up a nice cafe for one last treat before making our way to the bus stop and preparing for the ride home.

All in all it was a pretty good day, I mean any day where I can get out of this town and see something new for a change is always good. Sadly I wasn’t able to get as many pictures as I wanted, but that’s just how things turned out this time; plus I’m sure I’ll be there again sometime “soon”. Oh and on the bus ride back, I wasn’t able to snap a pic of that DB9, it wasn’t there so I’m guessing they moved it to a different spot or someone bought it. Probably the former though as I don’t see someone buying a car like that so quickly.

Alright then I guess that brings to a close the day what came to be known as the Tax Adventures. Maybe it didn’t seem like much reading this, but it was a full day which drained me quite a lot actually. I was asleep the whole way back on the bus and I slept well that night.

That’s it for this post! I’ll cya in the next one!



    • Haha! I think you’ve won for best comment on my blog!

      Sadly it might have been too obvious. Maybe if Google Glass comes out I can record eventful things like that.


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