Thinking Aloud: Random Thoughts Collection

Very random and unfitting pic.
Very random and unfitting pic.

Wall of text incoming…

So this is gonna be another random thoughts collection post where I’ll be writing freely and emptying out some built up thoughts. You’re welcome to stay or pass this up, I don’t mind.


I guess it’s become obvious at this point that I can’t pull together a short story for this contest; it’s sad too as I really did want to enter and get something written for this. I know I said I had ideas for things I could write about, but looking at the objectively I realized that they were by no means contest material. They were pretty much something I’d write for an English class and not much else. But this isn’t the end for short stories entirely. My sister recently got this book that has all the writing contests in Canada and all the info about them (maybe I mentioned this in an earlier post) so I can always look through that and see if I could pull something together for that.


While still on the subject of writing, I’m working away on my main story ‘The Axiom Project‘ as I prepare it for a re-posting on a new site with hopes of getting better feedback and actually completing this story too. So far I’ve got lots of changes in store that will pretty much change the entire plot, but looking at the projected changes they’re all for the best. The main thing I’m going for in these changes is to draw attention away from Aria Rose, the leading lady of the story, and put the focus back on the main guy of the story, Calvin. By doing this I’m bringing the story back to the roots of the original idea.

In a way Aria slowly became the main character of this story as it started to focus on her and her mission, but even so her side of the story just isn’t fully covered all that much. It’s like she’s falling into the ‘hero of another story’ category as you only hear about her exploits but never see them. I’ve also got some personality changes coming to Aria’s character as well. Frankly speaking, she’s an agent sent to kill people or accomplish other important tasks. Hell, she carries a gun with her 24/7 and will literally not bat an eyelash when she kills someone. All in all this side of her wasn’t too evident in the first version of the story as I gave her too many emotions to play with and it really did a number on her character.

Chapter 4 showed a side of her that seemed like a good idea at the time but in retrospect it wasn’t a good idea. True she’s got emotions, feelings and thoughts about things, and she’s only 19 years old, but she wasn’t exactly as cold and calculating as I wanted her to be. I made her too flashy and girly in the first version of the story. Okay yeah I get the part she’s a beautiful girl and all, hell she’s born from my imagination, but I’ve gotta put less emphasis on that and write her role as a deadly assassin. Chapter 6 showed off some of hr destructive capabilities as she let loose in a food court firefight killing anyone in her way, but the mistake with that was she was too flashy once again. She’d most likely snipe said target than shoot up a whole mall to kill them. So this rewrite will do a few things for her that will make Aria a better character. As of now I’ve taken out all the parts with her and the only time you see her will be from Calvin’s viewpoint, but I’ll have to put a bit of her view in the story as well at some point.

Many other things are in the process of changing too, the relationship between Calvin and his girlfriend Henrietta, the role of supporting characters and the overall plot of the story. When I’m finished with this, I hope that it’s going to be a thrill ride of a story and all this hype will actually be worth it.


The other day I finally went back to the university to talk with a teacher who would be teaching the computer science course I was interested in taking. To make a long story short they’re not going to have the course. The reasons are just complete crap too, that’s what’s eating me up the most. The administrative people up Island at the main campus are so frustrating and I can fully understand why everyone hates them so much.

Their reasons they don’t want to offer the course down here is because they don’t really like some of the faculty here, they don’t want to provide funding for a class of only 3 students, and general politics that are stopping them from having the course down here. It’s plain annoying as there is an interest in computer courses but without the approval of the top guys, they can’t offer it down here.

So… what happens now?


Also the other day I dropped off my resume at yet another store in hopes to finally get a job. Like always I try to look on the positive side thinking maybe I’ll get hired this time, but it’s tough when you’ve been trying for such a long time and still haven’t any luck. I’ve heard that getting a job entitles being in the right place and the right time, but I’m not sure how true those words ring.

Maybe I’m just coming at this from the wrong approach and should be changing something up, but I keep hoping that I’ll strike gold soon and actually land myself a job. My goal coming into 2014 was to finally get a job, so I’m going to try my hardest to actually fulfill that goal.


Lastly is something that’s been coming for a while now and sooner or later will hit critical. Once again financial issues are looking like another forced move from our current residence, even though Dad has been saying that it won’t come to that. I’m having a hard time believing him when all he talks about is how he owes people money and he doesn’t have any money to give said people. It’s frustrating as this is becoming some demoralizing circle that repeats over and over each year. Things are already snowballing towards disaster by the week and there seems to be no end to it.

Ugh, I can’t take having to go through this again, it’s stupid and tiresome especially after all the promises of “this being the last time we’ll be doing this”. It feels like the past 5 years of my life have been this constant cycle and living in a place for a year before being evicted to another place and starting the cycle over again.

I could rant away for a while about this, but I doubt you’ll want to hear it, so I’ll cut things short here.


If you’ve been keeping tabs on my blog then you’ll understand that the counter on the right hand side of the page with the 23 days left, is when I’ll be launching my new anime blog. I’ve explained in previous posts what it’s going to be about so I don’t want to repeat myself. When it hits the 10 days remaining then I’ll be sending out that advanced preview links to those who asked to be part of the tester phase of my blog. There still is time if you want to join the 1 other guy who has asked to be a part of this, so hit me up on Twitter if that interests you in the slightest.


I’m done with this post as if I continue I’m not sure what’ll end up happening.

Yeah… so I’ll cya around.



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