Into the City with SkyCorps: A History Lesson

History isn't made, it's built.
History isn’t made, it’s built.

Wednesday the 12th I went back to Victoria for one final screening of the IMAX ‘Rocky Mountain Express‘; what exactly is that? Well take a seat and let me explain.

Oh and I bought a manga too.

Maybe last summer or the summer before (I can’t keep track anymore) there was an IMAX (wait, do we all know what I mean by IMAX? I seriously don’t want to explain it so let’s just all assume you know what I mean) about the CPR. I know, you’ve probably got this confused look on your face wondering why I went to see an IMAX about CPR. Well by that I mean the Canadian Pacific Railway, yeah that CPR.

Anyways this was an IMAX about how they built the railway across Canada, more specifically through the Rocky Mountains, hence the ‘Rocky Mountain‘ part of the title. So first up if you don’t know much about Canadian history (don’t worry, I forgot most of it myself…) I’ll give you a brief rundown.

Back in 1867 when Canada became a country there was a promise to the Maritime provinces that they’d get a railway to link them to the main country. On the other side of the country, British Columbia would finally join the confederation in 1871 but only if they got a similar deal, a railway to link them with the rest of the country. Easier said than done. To do this they had to built that railway connecting them which required having to go through the mountains that seperate BC with Alberta.

Under the leadership of William Cornelius Van Horne, the railway was built through the mountains, pretty much all by Chinese workers, and completed in Craigellachie on November 7th 1885 where Donald Alexander Smith hammered the Last Spike. All in all it was complete and total hell building this railway. Seriously, something like this could never be done by today’s standards. No amount of money in the world could get someone to build a railway like that. I can’t really put it into words, but just the sheer size of the project and all the challenges they faced, it’s one of the most incredible engineering feats of all time.

I doubt you’ll find an IMAX theater playing this where you live, but if by some chance you find this online somewhere, I highly recommend you watch it. Even though it won’t really have much meaning if you’re not Canadian, just the amazing landscape of the Rocky Mountains is a reason to watch it. It’s gotta be among my top favorite IMAX’s I’ve seen and I’m really glad I got a chance to see it. They’ve had it playing there for a while, but I’ve never been able to get there to see it. It’s come and gone a few times too, by they brought it back for one final time on the 12th and things just panned out for me to go see it. Obviously this is a 10/10 IMAX and just and overall mind blowing experience.

After the IMAX I still had the whole day free. By the way I didn’t do this trip solo, I was actually just tagging along as my Mom had a meeting so I as able to make the early morning trip down for the IMAX. And yes, she came to see it too. So it’s now 11AM and Mom’s got to be heading off to her meeting which would leave me alone for the afternoon. But I never was alone as my sister joined me as she had a free day and wanted to go to Victoria too (she’d already seen the IMAX at an earlier date). We met up and basically walked around downtown looking at things and talking. Nothing super crazy exciting, no epic boobs like last time, just a pretty standard time.

I did however see some amazing cars. Yes I always keep my head on a swivel when in the city as I know I’ll see some amazing cars. And I did indeed. Backing up a bit here, on the way into town I saw that silver Aston Martin DB9 Coupe still at the Jaguar/Land Rover dealership (guess no one mustered up $280k just yet to buy it) but I also saw a white Mercedes Benz E63 AMG S-Model. Yeah for real. It had black rims and the exterior carbon fiber pack and it looked so amazing! Actually seeing that car, oh man I was beside myself. As I was on the bus at the time I wasn’t able to snap a pic (plus it was driving rather fast) but for those few moments I saw the car… man it’s something beautiful. I’d go on to see many other amazing cars including: a brand new BMW M235i coupe in white, a BMW M6 Gran Coupe also in white, many Range Rover Sport’s in various colors but what was the Car of the Day had to be what I saw on the way back. A matte charcoal gray Mercedes Benz SL63 AMG Roadster. LIKE OH MY GOD! FOR REAL?!! I ACTUALLY SAW ONE!!!! Of course it was driven by a young (probably early 20’s) Asian guy probably from Vancouver, as all Asian’s in Vancouver have the best cars.

Yeah but seeing that car, oh man I can’t even put into words the emotions I was experiencing for those moments, but there were many.

It looked pretty much like this one pictured.
It looked pretty much like this one pictured.

Other notable things that happened: my sister and I walked through Chinatown, which is the oldest Chinatown in Canada and the second in North America, it’s got the famous Fan Tan Alley too (maybe you’ve heard of it before) so if you’re ever in the area I recommend checking it out.

Reusing a pic from long ago. This is the entrance into Chinatown.
Reusing a pic from long ago. This is the entrance into Chinatown.
Down Fan Tan Alley.
Down Fan Tan Alley.

We also stopped in at my favorite book store in Victoria, Chapters, where I actually bought something,  a manga. Yeah wow I never buy things, but this was a time I really wanted to as I couldn’t pass this chance up.

Yeah I bought it.
Yeah I bought it.
The back of it.
The back of it.

Yeah, Nisekoi, I bought volume 1. It was just one of those things where I saw it and thought “yeah I wanna buy that” so I did. Normally I don’t buy or read manga at all (just haven’t gotten into it fully) but as I’m really enjoying the Nisekoi anime a lot, I wanted to buy this to read. Yeah I know you can read it online, as you can with pretty much anything, but I still like having physical books to read as well. That must sound so old fashion, but reading online hasn’t been something I’ve always been super up on; I just like reading books more.

I also noticed at one of the theaters downtown they were playing The Wind Rises, which is that new Hayao Miyazaki movie and I’ve heard it’s really good. I would’ve stayed to watch it, but the screening wasn’t until 4:05PM and by that time I needed to be on a bus heading home. Hopefully I’ll be in the city again and get a chance to see that movie. Have you seen The Wind Rises? If so, how was it? Is it a feels movie?

And one final notable thing was I returned to the Converse store. Yeah I mustered up enough courage to return to the store that started it all, and guess what, it started all over again. I tried on a pair of new Batman Chuck Taylors and I really liked them a lot. Even the girl working at the store said I looked pretty good in them. Needless to say I’m considering buying those in the near future. Bad thing is there are only 3 pairs left in size 11.5 (you can convert that size into something else if you need to) so if I’m going to buy them, it’s gonna have to be very soon. The girl there said to give her a call when I was ready and she’ll set them aside for me too, talk about customer service! She also mentioned about a new service they offer, that being custom printed shoes. Yeah wow. So pretty much you bring in a picture and they can print it onto a pair of shoes. Pretty awesome right?! I might do that at some point, but as of now, I’m going to work towards those Batman Chucks and see if I can acquire them.

The day ended with another bus ride home. I passed out instantly and was asleep for the duration of the ride, waking up as we finally arrived back home. That feeling when I step off the bus once it’s arrived, ugh, I instantly miss the city. I seriously hate this town, everyone is shit and the whole place is shitty. In a heartbeat I’d move outta this dump and to the city, but that’s a story for another time.

All in all it was a good day as I saw and did lots of things. Every time I go to the IMAX is always fun (expect for Iron Man 3, which was terrible; yeah it really is a bad movie) and I’m always excited to go back. I really hope they bring The Amazing Spider Man 2 to IMAX, as the first one was so awesome on that 6 story screen, but seeing it in 3D was also mind blowing too.

So there you have it. Sorry for no pics this time, I wasn’t feeling it to snap any pics of the things I saw, but next time I’ll probably have pics of stuff. Once I finally get a job and a phone, I’ll have a billion times more pics. I’ll be taking pics of literally any and everything I see, but until then this will have to do. Thanks for reading this guys and be sure to either Like it or leave a comment!

Until we meet again,



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