Emergency Blog Post: It’s Happening


It’s late and I don’t have much time as is, so this is gonna be to the point, so keep up.

EDIT 1 March 30th: Things have greatly changed since this last post. My sister and I spent 1 night in the shelter (which I’ll talk about at a later date) before some friends of ours got us a hotel room for a week as we work things out. It was a very kinda gesture on their part and I’m very grateful they’ve done that. So as this hotel has Wi-Fi, I’ll be online for the next week, meaning I’ll be able to properly launch my anime blog this Tuesday! YAY!! I’ll be setting it back to private for now (as I see there were a few views on it already…) but look forward to the Tuesday launch, okay? I’ll have more to say in a later post this coming week! Cya soon!


Original post as follows:

I alluded to this in the last post, but it’s finally happening now, I’m being evicted tomorrow today and my parents are pretty much splitting up. So far I think it’s a temporary thing as they just have lots to work out between them, but until that happens Dad will be on his own and the rest of us with Mom. Now throw in being evicted and that’s just another issue to deal with. As of this very moment the plan that is set to go into motion when I wake up is that I’ll be moving my stuff out into a storage locker (yeah another one) and I’ll be going with my sister to a local (geez I don’t wanna say this…) homeless shelter. Ugh, it pains me to say that but I’ve actually reached that point in life where I’m staying at a homeless shelter. I wish I was joking with you, but I’m not, it’s just that bad.

My brother and mother will be staying at another shelter (as my brother is too young to stay at the one I’ll be at and I’m too old to be at the one he’s at) so that’s how things are working out. There still is a chance that help might arrive during the 11 hour as outside forces are at play trying to help the four of us along. Needless to say I’ll be probably gone for the next while for an indefinite period of time, it could be a few days or a few weeks, I’m not sure at this point.

As it stands now though that’s how it’s going to happen when I wake up later today and I’m just not looking forward to it at all. I foresee lots of heated conversations between mom and dad and just the general unpleasantness of that whole ordeal. I’d go into detail about other things, but I’ve got a bit more I want to cover before I get into bed.

So April 1st is this Tuesday and my anime blog will still be launching, I’ve set a scheduled posting so if that all works out you’ll see it up. If not, then you can find live working links around my blog, just please don’t go there until April 1st as that’s kinda the whole point I’ve been leading up to. I know it’s so trivial to be thinking about anime blogs at a time like this, but I just want to be thinking about this current situation I’m going through. I know it’ll be over soon, but until then it’s just utter hell.

Please keep me in your prayers and I could use all the moral support guys, this isn’t going to be a fun next few days and I need something to get me through. A big shout out to my good Twitter friend Tadashi~ for these kind tweets. Please follow him and check out his blogs!

Alright then, I think I’ve covered everything so I should be on my way to bed now. I’m kinda annoyed that I won’t be able to watch the finale for Wake Up Girls along with a few other anime, but I’ll just have to watch them another time. Please no spoilers! Okay, okay I have to be on my way now, so I’ll be back as soon as I can. Thanks in advance for all the support guys, this really means a lot to me and I’ll cya on the other side with a surreal tale of how I managed to somehow survive it all.

Goodnight and goodbye!

Signing out~


P.S. Hey Polaris, if you read this I could sure use one of your motivational quotes about now; seriously you were among the first people I thought of for some positive advice. You always seem to have something good to say at the right time. Cya around man!


  1. Keep yourself strong man, never loose your head, and we will see each other, you will see. I thought about this before reading my nickname.

    We are in touch SkyCorps, you are awesome, I am pleased to know you, plus, as Katsu would say, we have a pending work xD.

    Take care man, see you soon.


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