Launch Day: Anime Talk With SkyCorps!

Click the picture to go to my blog!
Click the picture to go to my blog!

April 1st at midnight was the launch time set for my brand new anime blog, now that it’s live have you checked it out yet?

It’s still just getting started so there isn’t anything else there except for the opening post, but I strongly encourage you to check it out and leave a comment about what you think. Now due to my life still being upside down I probably won’t have a post out for the first ep of Love Live season 2 when it airs, as I’m not sure where I’ll be this weekend, but I’ll catch up as soon as I humanly can. I realized the first few posts will be delayed, but seriously I’m dealing with shit way beyond my control.

Gloom and doom aside just check it out and see what you think. If you’ve got a WordPress account then be sure to follow it or you can even put your e-mail in and get my posts via e-mail too. I’m looking forward to this exciting new venture and I hope you’ll be there to enjoy it too!

Or you can click here: Anime Talk With SkyCorps



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