Story Update and General Blog Update

AdobePresenterUpdateHello there! Yes it’s me Nick, I haven’t forgotten about this blog, don’t worry, I’ve just been busy with my anime blog. Nearly a new review everyday it seems, but I decided to take some time and write up a decent sized post here.

Let’s get started!

So I’ll start off with my story and how that’s going. In real life too I’ve actually been getting lots of questions about it too, people asking what it’s about, when it’s going to be finished, what’s it called, you know questions like that. If you were with me for my short time on Wattpad then you might already know a bit about my story and where is was going, but since my decision to leave Wattpad and go to a different site, my original plan of being able to get it rewritten and posted hasn’t really worked out too well. Family trouble has played a huge role in that as it can be hard to concentrate on writing when you literally don’t have anywhere to live. But there have been breaks here and there in the madness and I’ve gotten to work on my story a bit.

At this point in time I’ve completed the first chapter in the rewriting of it and I’m working on the second chapter. The main change with this rewrite was to take the spotlight away from Aria and put it back on the actual main character of the story, that being Calvin; so far that’s been coming along well too. The first chapter plays out mostly the same except for a few changes here and there that better the character development and add some more depth to them. I also added that bit about Hattie being in university as well, something that I didn’t have the first time and that really caused me some trouble in the long run. With that fixed I also decided to rewrite the relationship between Calvin and Hattie, making them boyfriend-girlfriend off the start rather than waiting for some shooting to bring them closer together. I also kinda had to do that since Aria is being pushed back to a secondary character and her involvement isn’t as front and center now , that and the mall shooting sequence needed to be changed to a different form of assassination.

Anime girls with guns are always sexy for some reason. More so if they have a thigh holster.
Anime girls with guns are always sexy for some reason. More so if they have a thigh holster.

Another thing I’ve been realizing is that this is slowly moving away from being a sci-fi story and more… hmm I’m not sure what but it’s not as sci-fi off the start at least. I still want to keep this sci-fi but due to the recent changes it’s becoming a challenge. It’s very much an action/adventure story as there will be exciting sequences and an overall dosage of adventure so that isn’t changing much. So far the extensive notes I’ve written detail points that I’ll be using to forward the overall mystery of Aria but there are so many things I’d like to have with her but since I’m keeping her character one that operates in the shadows and not one you seen much there will be that obvious lack on inner dialog from her. I’ve actually entertained the thought of writing an alternate cut of this story from her point of view as seeing the world though her eyes would actually be very interesting.

I mentioned back in a post some time ago that I plan on doing an overhaul on her character, making her a ruthless and emotionless killer, that’s not going to change, but we just won’t see as much of it as I had thought. Later on as things become evident I might have a chapter or two from her POV and how she’s viewing the current situation, but it’s just reaching that part that will take some time. Sadly that’s actually a common problem lots of my stories face and is usually what gets them dropped: I have a great idea for something to happen in the story, but that event takes place a good portion into the story that I have to slog my way to actually get to that part, but at the same time I have to keep it interesting and not just filler after filler chapter. Axiom Project is nothing different and it’s worrying me. This story is something amazing (at least in my head it is) but I’m having a hard time projecting that amazing-ness onto the screen and actually get this story moving places. At some point I’ll have a flash of brilliance and this story will take off, but once again it’s getting to that point.

Like I said up above, having this story from Aria’s view would be very interesting and actually be a better story, but I’m taking this approach because I want to have her character and issue she’s dealing with slowly work its way into the life of the main character and now he’s suddenly involved with this problem too. So until Aria makes her entrance it’s slow going and tough to write. I still strive to work on my story every few days, trying to grind out something to push the story forward, it’s slow progress but it’s going somewhere, and that’s what matters most.

So as for a update on what I’ve been up to, well it’s pretty normal I guess. I’m staying at a friend’s house for now, they’ve been kind enough to let me live here as things are slowly sorted out. It’s been pretty good though, I’ve actually got a bed to sleep in, that’s a huge plus, food (always good), and Internet too which makes my life complete. I also had my first beer last Thursday too as it was Mexican night and we had tacos and Corona, which was pretty damn awesome I must say. Haha, I’m not sure what mom would say though, but I’m 20 now so I can legally have a beer. Other then that it’s pretty chill here, I’ve just been doing writing and stuff a lot lately as everyone is either at work or school, leaving me alone for the day. I mentioned this in a few tweets last night too, but they’re actually going away this weekend (Thursday-Sunday) and I’ll be here alone for that time. They’re trusting me with their home for the time in which they’re away, so I can’t do anything crazy. I’m more wondering what I’ll eat though…

I guess that’s really all I’ve gotta say. Sorry for not being active on my main blog here, anime blogging it pretty intensive and takes lots of time so that’s where lots of my energy is going these days. If you haven’t already, I highly advise stopping by and checking out my anime blog, it’s great fun and I welcome another follower too.

Oh and before I leave, here’s a reason for you to check out my anime blog this Saturday too.

So look forward to that, maybe you’ve figured out what it’s gonna be, but be sure to stop by for something good. I promise you’ll like it.

That’s it for me, I’m off to work on another review so I’ll cya guys later! I won’t forget about this blog though, I just might not post as regularly on it though.




      • Um… I dunno lolol, haven’t had any for like a year. I don’t remember thinking it tasted that great, but not too bad, and nice to have casually with friends.


      • Yeah I think having a beer with friends is pretty good, I did that last night with the people I’m staying with; we also had some pickled olives and fish too. That tasted… interesting.


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