Thinking Aloud: Morning Feels and an Unusually Sad Dream

Track_and_FieldYeah I know it’s not really the best thing having some depressing post after not posting in a while, but it’s that time for one of these posts.

So today and yesterday (May 6th and 7th) my little brother (okay he’s 6’3, so not that little) was competing at a track & field meet and I got the chance to go watch him race. I knew going into this that it’d hit me emotionally as track & field is something very dear to me, but I was not expecting the feels I got sitting watching the events taking place. I wasn’t focused on the cute girls at all, I was just sitting and thinking about the time back when I was on the school track team and the fun I had going to these meets.

I miss the anticipation as you stand on the starting blocks ready to go. Your heart is pumping and the blood is rushing, you’re ready to explode once the gun goes off and the only goal is to beat everyone else to the finish line. It’s hard to really write down what that feels like, but if you’ve ever done track while in school you should know what I’m talking about.

So I’m sitting there thinking and feeling all this while watching my brother run in the 800 meter race, he got first by the way, and it’s hard to really hard for me to keep my composure as the whole track and field experience I had back in school was probably among the most memorable things in my life. I wish I could be back out there racing again, experiencing that feeling once again, it’s something I’ll never forget. Not to mention I was one of the best too, winning first place in many races and even breaking a school record. I’d show you but sadly I don’t have those awards anymore. All in all it was a very enjoyable experience watching him race and win, but I’d give anything to be back out there once again.

The other night, Monday night I think, I had a very strange and surprisingly sad dream. Honestly I usually don’t remember my dreams unless something really crazy happens, but on a whole my dreams are normal. At least I hope so. Anyways, this dream had something happen that really got me in the chest and really it shouldn’t have. Since I can only remember this one part of it, sorry for lack of context.

For some reason something had happened and I was standing with a bunch of people (yeah that explains a lot) and this guy asks me if some girl made it. Now I think her name began with ‘M’ and I want to call her ‘Miranda’ but I don’t think that’s right, although since I can’t think of another name we’ll call her Miranda from now on. Anyways, I was asked if Miranda had made it, and she hadn’t. Miranda died. By the way, sorry if someone reading this is actually named Miranda, I’m not trying to make you feel uncomfortable.

Continuing on here, Miranda had evidently died along the way and she must have been someone special to me as I had an extremely hard time telling this guy she didn’t make it. I could feel it in my chest as I replied with a “No”. And that’s all I remember. I’m not sure what I was doing, where I was, who Miranda was, and why she died, she just did and it was really, really sad for me that she did. I haven’t watched anything recently that had anyone named Miranda nor do I even personally know anyone by the name either, so I’m very mystified about this whole thing. Whatever the case that’s how that dream went, more or less.

How about you, do you have randomly sad dreams at times? What about generally strange dreams? Want to relate any? Don’t feel that you have to though.

That’s it for this post then; keep in mind I will be having a house tour post of our new place with (hopefully) a video and lots of pics too. That probably won’t be up for a while though as I’ll have to wait till I’ve got Internet at home.


If you notice any spelling errors with my post, please let me know so I can fix them. Thanks!

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  1. Ah, I do!
    I have a lot of sad dreams, but that’s because I’m sad usually (not trying to make you uncomfertable).
    But I read your post and I don’t think it was weird at all! I’ve had these a lot too, especially around 2 years ago. I think everyone has these, but does or 1) not remember them, or 2) don’t want to talk about them.
    Anyway, I think it’s perfectly normal to have dreams like that!

    I actually normally remember my dreams when I wake up, but I only have 1 friend who’s the same. All my other friends told me they usually forget their dreams right away. Do you remember your dreams every morning? Sorry if that was a weird thing to ask.

    Have a good day Sky, I really wish you the best! ^ w ^ ) / ~

    – Emma


    • Thanks for the comment, it’s been a while since I’ve read a comment on one of my posts.

      As for if I remember my dreams when I wake up each morning, no it’s not a weird question to ask. I’ll usually remember them if something really out of the ordinary happens, so if they’re over the top sad, weird, creepy, or just had something happen in them that’s just is a bit off. But most of the time, if I do remember my dreams, it’s not for that long after I wake up.


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