Failing at Talking

Maki is among the best examples of why red hair is the best.
Maki is among the best examples of why red hair is the best. THE BEST.

I’m a bit embarrassed to relate this story, but I will anyways.

So as we’ve moved into the new house, mom asked me to look into what the best deal for Internet would be. Looking at the options set out, I wanted to go see what Telus had to offer. Mom wrote down a few questions she had regarding cable but for the most part she left it in my capable hands to deal with things. So off I go, to the Telus store to ask them about Internet and TV. Simple enough.

I get to the place, it’s pretty quiet as it’s lunch hour. There are a few employees helping customers and such so I’m told to wait for someone to come help me. I wait about 30 seconds before a young woman comes over to help me.  First thing I notice, her red hair. It’s nice, really nice. Okay then, I’ll continue on as planned and ask the questions about the Internet and TV. But it doesn’t work out exactly as planned. I’m realizing that I’m having trouble conversing with this cute girl; I’m mixing up words and slurring through the English language like I just learned it yesterday.  And worst of all I totally forget about all the questions I wrote down and put in my back pocket.

Okay, okay, I’ve gotta keep calm, I can’t loose my cool in front of her, because… well it won’t look good. So I remember some intelligent questions I was going to ask and roll them out. She fields them perfectly and actually knows how things work. She’s not one of these employees who can’t do their job because they have not idea what’s going on,  she’s actually on the ball for once. Hmm, okay I’m running short of things to ask. While all this is going through my head as I’m talking with her, I’m having a tough time keeping eye contact because her eyes are so beautiful that I don’t want to stare into them for too long because at that point she’ll think I’m just weird.

She hands me some brochures that explain the Internet and TV services offered in the area and mentions that if I’m a heavy Internet user then I should be looking at a different package. Sadly the one that I want may or may not be available in the area (damn it why?) so she says she’ll look into it and contact me with the info. She’s gotta get some contact info so she asks for my e-mail address. For a good 5 seconds I could not remember my e-mail address. I sat there looking like some idiot trying to think of what it might be before finally remembering. Like for real, my mind went blank there for a few moments, it was awful.

In the end when I had more or less asked all the questions I could remember I stood, thanked her for all her help and made my way out of the store. All in all it was a very embarrassing experience and one that reminded me about some of the minor social interaction problems that I have when it comes to talking to cute girls.

On a somewhat related note, I’ve been invited to this party next Friday night. It’ some grad party for this girl (yes I do actually know her) but I’m just not feeling it. Honestly I don’t really like going to parties. Yeah they’re okay in small doses, but bigger parties are a waste of energy I could put towards something better. Anyways I might have some recap of how that party goes, maybe if something note worthy happens then I’ll talk about it, but overall I’m not expecting something great.

Right then as you may have noticed, I’m trying to post more often on this blog here as I’ve got lots I could talk about. This coming Wednesday I’ll be going to Victoria for some shopping and such, so I’ll have a recap post a few days after (pics included). My anime blog is still very much my main focus these days as I’ll have nearly 2 weeks worth of reviews to post when I get Internet at home, so some time in the new few weeks I’ll be posting lots of reviews. Currently I’m working on some backlog reviews for Selector Infected WIXOSS, as it’s an anime I’m really, really enjoying this season. Be sure to drop by and check out my ep 1 review of it.

Alright then, that’s it for this post. I’ll cya next time!

If you notice any spelling errors in my posts, be sure to let me know so I can fix them!

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  1. Don’t exactly have a problem speaking with girls, but I do get flustered sometimes when I do speak to people I never met, so nothing to be ashamed of. Actually had it happen to me once, yet recovered by joking about it and conversation went on like normal. Not much of a party person myself (or for large crowds) – although, might been good idea for you to go if you did ^^


    • I now know that if I have to go back there, I can mentally prepare myself for what to expect.

      I’ll probably end up going to that party anyways, although I’m not really excited about it at all. My only reason to go is pretty much for the food.


      • Be great if you could see into the future, but can you never prepare for everything. Just deal with it to the best of your abilities as possible and let things run their course.

        Lol. Who anything about fun? Food is always a valid reason to go to a party. Only reason why I would go to one myself if I had the nerve to XD

        (Nice to meet you btw ^_^)


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