Why Limos Are Bad

Just no.

Last Saturday night was prom night in the area, so I saw a lot of limos driving around. It was then that I finally had had enough. Thus this blog post.

I’ll be up front and straight about it, limos are shit. They suck and for many reasons actually. First up the connotation for limos isn’t good. When I think of limos, I think of partying people, having sex while drinking and smoking weed all while in the back of some stupidly long car. Is this fun? No, absolutely not.  Why? Well it should be obvious at this point.

Seriously, limos just reek of gross people doing gross things, all while driving around town. How this relates to prom night, well high school kids are the same. Gross, fucking like rabbits, drinking and smoking all the time. Yeah kids are shit these days. Admit it because it’s true. What adds to my point is that last year in the paper they had this picture, front page I might add, of inside one of those rave/party vans (you know those large vans) and inside was a group of grads (even the girls didn’t look good, meh) they were all standing for a group shot, looking normal for once, but in the back, totally visible to everyone, was this pole. Yes a pole. You read right, a pole. Like the type of pole you see in a strip club. So that was just the last straw. Why? That’s all I could really say, why is that in there?  It’s not a supporting column for the roof,  nor is it there for decoration; we all know it’s reason for being there, but just the fact they actually have one in there, that’s what’s so bad. What exactly are they trying to encourage here? Okay, like why does this have to happen?

It’s just an all around bad thing to even think of and the more I type this post out, the more I’m just annoyed about this all. It’s stupid and just unnecessary to have things like this happening, and yet it keeps happening every year. So it got me thinking, if you really do want to travel around with a few people, there are much better, and stylish ways to do so. In a moment this post will turn into car porn, so if you’re not really into luxury cars then you can leave now, but if you like this kinda stuff, feel free to stay and enjoy the show.

First up, before we get to traveling in groups, let’s take a look at a few cars that are perfect to make a grand entrance in for yourself and one other person.

Aston Martin Rapide S

_rapides_frost_017This car is beautiful, and fast I might add. It’s a four seater, so only you and a friend in the back, but it’s a comfortable four seater. Plus with 6.0 liter V12 engine packing 550HP, you’ll get from point A to B pretty quickly, all while looking amazing.

Audi A8 line

2014_Audi_A8_L_W12_63_FSI_668260_i0What Audi has done here is create something stunning. The A8 line has 4 different models to choose from actually, starting at the base model A8, the sport edition S8, the larger A8L and the top of the line A8L W12. Yes for this I’m talking about the top of the line model. First of all the longer wheelbase means more leg room inside, so more room to stretch out and relax. Toss in the Rear Seat Executive pack and you’ll have the best experience you can think of while riding in the back of a car. Check it out.

2014-Audi-A8L-W12-Interior-Back-02Now picture yourself in there. Nice right?

Bentley Flying Spur W12 & Mulsanne

Bentley has crafted some of the finest cars I’ve seen. Their two large luxury sedans are something fit for a king. The Flying Spur W12 is the slightly less expensive option but still one you’ll love, while the Mulsanne is the top of the line grand tourer. Both are amazing to look at and pulling up to prom in either one of these will make it a night no one will forget.

BMW Alphina B7

AlpinaCarousel_7It’s so exclusive that I’m not even sure how you’re supposed to really buy it. Maybe call a dealer and hope like hell they have one, but I have never seen one of these beasts in person. Inside and out it’s cover in model only exclusive materials and goodies that you can only find with this car. It’s presence alone should be enough to just stop any crowd in it’s tracks.

BMW 750Li Sedan

7series_lci_1025x475_exterior_5Continuing on here with the BMW trend, this is a model you’re more likely to see around the city. As a matter of fact, I have seen one of these before, and wow are they something special. Lovely styling, lots of power and plenty of interior space, this is a car fit for everyday travel and those special occasions too.

BMW Alphina B6 xDrive Gran Coupe

FV-Carousel2Part of the sexy 6 Series line up, the latest edition to the ultra exclusive Alphina line up is the Gran Coupe. Very sleek and sporty, this one has yet to hit the market, but once it does, I don’t expect to see many on the roads, being that the price and it being so exclusive, only really wealthy folks get this car.

BMW M6 Gran Coupe

media_gallery_03Last BMW here. Part of the M Line, the Gran Coupe is one I have seen in person, and holy shit is it one sexy car. It’s so sleek and amazing to look at, and the M edition makes it look even nicer.

Jaguar XJ Ultimate

Jaguar-XJ_Ultimate-Sedan-Image-08-1280Say you want a Jaguar, but you want one that’s unlike any other model. You want the best one. Jaguar answered your call by making the XJ Ultimate. It was designed specifically for businessmen who want a large luxury car to be driven around in, and Jaguar made the perfect car for that. Just take a look at the rear seats and are you not convinced that this is a billion times better than a limo.

20130226084531_A6_XJ_013_001_UK-1008x567I know right.

Mercedes Benz S-Class

There is no wrong choice when it comes to which S-Class model you choose to ride in as each one is breathtaking. Obviously I’m super bias here as I love Mercedes Benz cars but honestly when you see what I’m talking about you’ll realize why they’re something to love. They’re like a work of perfect art, they’re crafted with precision and attention to detail in everything. You’ve got 4 model to choose from here: the S550, S600, S63 AMG and S65 AMG. Obviously the S65 AMG is the beast out of them all, packing a mammoth handcrafted 6.0L AMG biturbo V12 engine with an output of 621HP.  Sure it has a price tag of $222,000 but it’s all the money well spent. Pure luxury is one of these cars. The 2014 refresher makes this car look it’s best and all the amazing details put into the interior just send it over the edge. If I was ever going to have a personal car to be driven around in, I’d go all the way at get the S65 AMG. Sporty and luxurious, plus it’s a legendary Mercedes Benz AMG car. The best or nothing.

Porsche Panamera Turbo S Executive

normalDon’t rule out Porsche for a luxury 4 door sedan, because you’ll be sorry you did. While I see them everyone and a while, the Panamera is actually a very big car in person and will seat 4 people with lots of comfort. The Turbo S Executive is not only a fast car, but one that provides all the needs to make your trip, long or short a very luxurious one. Pulling up to a stop at prom in one of these will make you the student they’ll never forget.

Rolls Royce

The ultimate choice for the top of the line luxury known across the globe. One look and you know, this is the real deal and you’re not in a dream. Roll Royce offered the best of the best when you want that car to make the best first impression ever. The classic as ever Phantom is the perfect car for that. If the standard size isn’t enough for you, the Extended Wheelbase model adds an extra near 10 inches of leg room to the back, giving you an extra space to stretch out and relax even more. The smaller model known as the Ghost comes in 3 model: standard, extended wheelbase and V-Spec. The first to speak for themselves, but the new V-Spec model offers a more sporty and powerful look to the amazing car. With the 6.6L twin turbo V12, you’ll certainly be going places quickly. All in all the Rolls Royce is just the pinnacle of a luxury sedan and a timeless car through the ages.

So there you have it, after seeing those case, why should you consider ever getting a limo again? But like I said, if you honestly want to bring a group of friends around with you there are options for that too. A Cadillac Escalade ESV Platinum has seating for 7 and the new 2015 model looks better than ever. For those wanting something a bit more refined, than the new Range Rover will do the trick. This time around it’s also got an Extended Wheelbase model too, giving you that extra leg room. Couple that with the Rear Seat Executive pack and you’ve got yourself something nice. Mercedes also has a couple of nice options too: the GL63 AMG, their big 7 seater SUV or the 18 seater Sprinter Van Minibus. Alternatively if you live over in Europe, the V-Class could be another option to consider as well.

Yeah maybe there wasn’t too much a point to this post, but I just wanted to write about something that was on my mind for the past little bit. I’ll call it a day now.


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  1. Man, you are absolutely right with the limo post… kids this days are wasting themselves. Even with grown-up people here, they rather to go out party and talk silly stuff instead of thinking how to get out of here with all this political problems that my country undergo.

    But, Aston Martin with 55HP? It is more like 550 man… typo?

    The BMW, I will get one dude, love their lines.


  2. Ah, you sound like me when i recommend manga to people!
    I’ll always love you rant/passionate posts, Sky! Keep it up!
    I hope you’re well. 🙂


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