Thinking Aloud: New Ideas and an Update

If only the nurses were this hot...
If only the nurses were this hot…

Been a while since you’ve seen a post here, eh? Well I should change that now.

First of all, no I have not forgotten about this blog. My anime blog, Anime Corps, is just taking lots of my time up as I’m posting a lot there and just generally working to always make it look nice. Really quickly with that, I’ve recruited another writer to help me out as I’m quite busy with a 5 week class I’m taking (more on that in a bit) so as I’m only writing 3 reviews a week, compared to 6, it still does take time to watch and write a review. If you haven’t stopped by my amazing anime blog yet, be sure to stop by and check it out!

So I’d honestly like to get posting on this blog more. I’ve got ideas for things I’d like to talk about, but I just never have the time to sit down and write here. My anime blog takes up lots of my time, and now that I’m taking this course, that takes away more time too (more on that later). My latest idea for this blog is to do a post a day thing for a whole month. That month would obviously be August to September.

What would I talk about for 31 days in a row? Well I’m not too sure myself, but it’d probably be like some kinda journal of what I did and any funny, weird, of fail worthy things that happened to me on that day. I’d like to always keep it an enjoyable read and I’m sure I’ll do enough to be able to have enough material to write about all kinds of stuff.

While I haven’t made a final decision on whether or not I’ll be doing this, I just want to throw these ideas out there in case you’ve got any suggestions/tips about this project.

So, what have I been up to lately? Hmm, good question. Well for starters, and I’ve mentioned this many times, but my anime blog is a very time consuming thing. I like it, but there are times where I feel it’s quite tough to get reviews posted. This brings me to that course I was talking about earlier.

What this is , is a 5 week job work shop course where they go over all the key points on how to get a job. The two instructors also go out into the town and talk with certain employers of stores that the people in the class are looking to for work. It’s pretty good as they’ve already got an inside track on this whole thing and they’re making it easier for us to find work.

What’s more is that not only do you learn lots, but you’re actually paid to attend. Wow that’s an incentive for sure.  Even with getting money out of the deal, there are still people who don’t show up, meaning they don’t get all the money they could be getting. So when I finish this course, I’ll hopefully have a job by then, as it’s something I’m still working towards getting. I’ve been looking at working at Future Shop, as I feel it’s a good fit for me, so lots of my resumes are targeted for that place.

Yesterday (Thursday) I was able to complete a cover letter and resume, with the help of the instructor of the course, and send in an application to Future Shop.

Hopefully I’ll hear back from them soon as I think this job will really be a good fit for me!

So as I mentioned above, this is a paid course so I’ll be getting money from just attending. I’ve already decided what I plan on doing with the money too, that being buy a tablet. Yep, I’m gonna get a tablet!! After looking around I’ve come down to either the Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet or Samsung Galaxy Tab S. I’m leaning towards the Sony one, but I might get the Tab S. Either way, I’m excited to be actually getting a tablet. If you’ve got any advice as to what tablet to buy (don’t say an iPad) I’d love to hear it.

Today I got my mangled toenail removed. Yep you read right, my toenail was removed today. It’s a long story really how it got to that point, so I’ll just make it simple: I injured it while clipping my toenails a while ago and it got really bad. I decided not to tell anyone (smart Nick, really smart) and thus is got bad. A few weeks ago I was out playing soccer and that was the final straw. For the following days I was on antibiotics to get the infection out and thus after doing that for a while, it was finally removed.

IMAG0410 IMAG0411So yeah that’s the aftermath of it. The actual process of getting it removed was quite nasty I must admit. The doctor had to inject some anesthetic into my toe which then made it very numb and finally I couldn’t feel anything. Following that she pulled some tools out and set to work. Prying my nail up a bit, she grabbed the scissor/plier like things and pretty much yanked it out. Yeah it was nasty and I couldn’t watch, but the few glimpses I did catch, I saw lots and lots of blood. So much blood.

So cleaning it all up she bandaged it and sent me on my way home. Yep, fun times all around. Now I can’t really walk that well (let along put on shoes) so I’ll just be chilling at home until Monday, when I have class again.

So that’s pretty much what I’ve been up to recently. Nothing too exciting or anything like that, but I’m keeping myself busy with things so it’s all good. I’ll try to post more often here as I’d really like to get back into writing in general, but it’ll take some planning and organizing of my time so I can get everything working well.

Guess that’s it for me, I’ll try to write something up for here again soon. Enjoy your weekend and I’ll talk later!

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  1. Ah, my brother’s got a pretty great Sony tablet. I’ll ask him what model and tweet it to you for inspiration.
    And good luck with the job! I’m sure you’ll do just fine!

    Catch ya later,
    – Rei


    • In the end it came down to specs, and I feel the processor in the Z2 is the better one. I’ll be sure to do an unboxing post of it.

      Thanks for the comment!


  2. Ouch with that toenail thing! Congrats on your job program. I was in something like that during the earlier parts of 2013. It’s really great and I met a lot of mentors that help me out to this day. You just gave me a really good idea about doing an unboxing on my tablet. I got a good deal on it and with Amazon Prime it comes on Tuesday.


    • Yeah my toe is healing right now I’ve got a pic of what it looks like, but it’s still kinda gross, so I don’t really want to tweet it.

      Thanks about the job program! It’s really working out well and I’m learning a lot.

      I’m looking forward to getting my tablet in a a few weeks, just need to wait for the last bit of money to arrive. I’m thinking on August 9th I’ll order it then it should be here by the end of the following week. I’m pretty sure it’s shipping from Canada somewhere, so it should’ve take a long

      For sure do an unboxing post, they’re always fun to do. I did one with my Kantoku calendar, it was good.

      Thanks for the comment!


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