August Post a Day Challenge Day 2: Preparation


Another day, another post.

What’s awesome about AniTwitter is how everyone comes together for certain events. Take tomorrow for example, August 3rd is Honoka Kousaka’s birthday and to celebrate that, lots of people are going to be having Honoka pic spams on Twitter. The same is done for other Love Live character’s birthday’s as well. Maki gets huge pic spams being the best girl, and it’s just awesome seeing everyone share their love for such an amazing anime and amazing girl.

Of course I’ve gotta take part in the festivity too, so like I always do I have a birthday post on my anime blog where I have a pic spam of my own. You really get the feeling that Love Live is such a popular series because the fan base is huge and passionate; I’m sure other fans really get into their stuff a lot too, but the Love Live fans are quite something.

If you’re a Love Live fan and have Twitter, be sure to join in the global effort to spam as many Honoka pics as you possibly can.

EDIT: Here’s a link if you’d like to see the Honoka birthday post I have up on Anime Corps.

**Pixiv Link!**

Justin and I are always busy over at my anime blog, Anime Corps. Why not stop by and check it out?

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If you noticed any spelling and/or grammar errors, please let me know so I can fix them. Thanks!



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