August Post a Day Challenge Day 3: Walking


A day late, sorry.

So my sister and I went out on a walk to the store today, something we  do a lot, but as it wasn’t all that different than most walks are, something I saw made this walk that much more enjoyable. If you’re guessing “it’s a car” then you are spot on right.


A black Mercedes Benz C63 AMG Coupe Edition 507 complete with black rims too. Wow that was a sight to see, but also to hear too. The beautiful 6.3L handcrafted V8 engine purred with this spine tingling sound, ooh it was beautiful I tell you! Seriously, if you could’ve seen me for those few moments: carry a bag full of groceries in each hand trying to walk down the sidewalk and not trip, while staring at this $80,000 car driving down the street, yeah it was good.

So not that I’m just pulling for things to write about, but this was an event that deserved to be written about for my daily post. Sure everyday isn’t that exciting, so should that happen I’ll just pick something noteworthy and write about it.

Also if you’re wondering why every post has a pick of an anime girl in a bikini…. well why not?

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