August Post a Day Challenge Day 8: Forlorn Farewell


Yes, it ended today.

After 5 weeks, my Job Options program has come to a close, Friday marked the final day of class. In the beginning, there were actually 13 people but by the end only 7 remained.  Overall I had a really enjoyable time these past 5 weeks, I learned lots, got an interview, created a rockin cover letter and resume, and even enjoyed the people there too.

Honestly it wasn’t as bad as I was expecting it to be, as that’s usually what I’ll think of a new situation. But if I never push myself at times, then I’ll never go places and meet new people. It’s an important thing to do actually, try to see the good in a situation; hell like I’m one to talk, but I have been listening when my mom lectures me on this, much to my outward response.

So I walk away from these past 5 weeks motivated to get work and knowledgeable on how to exactly go about doing this. Plus, getting paid is a nice bonus too; I look forward to getting my tablet soon.

Yes, I’ll have that unboxing post, don’t worry.

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