August Post a Day Challenge Day 9: Spotify


Something cool happened to me today.

An average Saturday on Twitter. AniTwitter is talking about today’s SAO ep and why it’s still king shit (I don’t hate it as it’s pretty decent this season, but I like to joke about it) and such, I’m busy writing a post for my anime blog, when I suddenly get a notification.

A guy I follow mentions that he has a Spotify invite and wants to know if I want it. Sure, why not? So I get the code and sign up, turns out it’s pretty cool actually. It’s a music streaming thing and you’ve got all this music you can listen to. Apparently it’s something big down south, but it’s just now coming to Canada.

So far I think it’s pretty good, I’ve found some nice songs and I’ll probably download the app for my tablet when I get it in the very near future. If you’ve got Spotify, what are your thoughts on it? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Spotify is pretty decent, but I hate the amount of ads it can sometimes run through a session. And a lot of ads are terribly distracting. For example if I put on an ambient playlist, the ads totally ruin the whole experience. On top of that there are still a lot of artists that aren’t avaible on Spotify. Shame. Good service, but needs improvement.


    • Yes the ads are quite annoying as I discovered. I don’t mind the ads plastered around the place, but the ones in between the songs are very distracting. I totally get what you mean by how it ruins the moment.


  2. The ads are only there yo irritate you do you’ll buy premium. But yeah, Spotify is cool, the only thing that pisses me off is that there’s no J-Pop or K-Pop and that’s what I mainly listen to. So I’ve been hoping that one day there will come J-Spotify or whatever with all the music that I want and Anime OST and maybe even drama CD’s and stuff! But it’s not like that’s ever happen, though. But it’s a cool thought either way.

    – Rei

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    • Lack of J-pop and anime music is a downside for sure.

      I’ve been listening to a lot of stuff under the ‘Chill’ section lately as I enjoy that type of music. Many of the channels I’m subscribed to on YouTube have that type of music (electro, house, progressive, ect) so I’m enjoying it in that regard.

      If they ever do introduce J-pop/anime music and such, I’d be really happy.

      Thanks for the comment!


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