August Post a Day Challenge Day 13: Ordered!


On my way!

So today I finally ordered my tablet! Yes it was a few days after I planned it, but things arose and I had to hold off for a bit. Wow I’m super excited as this is kinda a big deal for me, feels like I’ve accomplished something huge.

Whatever the case is though it’s been ordered and I’ll have it probably sometime next week! Like I’ve been saying, I’ll do an unboxing when I get it, so look forward to that post!

Also, sorry for these daily posts coming a day late; I’ll try to tighten up with the posting of them so they’re actually out on the right day.

Until tomorrow!

Justin and I are always busy over at my anime blog, Anime Corps. Why not stop by and check it out?

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If you noticed any spelling and/or grammar errors, please let me know so I can fix them. Thanks!



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