August Post a Day Challenge Day 15: Dinner


Context included!

Pretty much yeah; she’s a neighbor of mine (and friend of the family) who lives really close to us (like I open the front door, take a few steps out and look right and I’ll see her). So for some reason, maybe she’s just being nice and that’s all, she made dinner for us and brought it over.

I was just sitting reading the paper and eating toast in the kitchen when the doorbell rang and here she stood holding this insulated bag of food. WOW! It was a stew/chilly thing, complete with cheese, bread and chocolate bars for dessert!

So in answer to that question, yes random acts of kindness still happen.

I’ll have to thank her the next time I see her.

Oh and yes she has a daughter, but she’s young, like under 15 young.

So… yeah.

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