August Post a Day Challenge Day 16: Bees, Boxes, Books


Holy alliteration Batman!

Remember when you were 6 years old? No? Well don’t worry, I don’t either.

Moving on then; bumblebees have grown since I was a kid. How do you know this, you may ask? Easy, it’s quite simple really. Remember when you were a kid, say 6 years old, and things seemed big to you? Then once you grew up and looked at that same thing (be it whatever) and you realize that no, it’s not actually big, it’s quite small now.

It’s all happened to us once at some point with something, admit it or not. So anyways back when I was a kid bumblebees were quite big and cool looking. They were black and yellow, made that buzzing noise and were not as aggressive as wasps (fuck wasps by the way). Well as I grew up I noticed that as many things weren’t as big as they seemed to be when I was a kid, bees for some strange reason were still big; stranger yet, they were getting bigger.

No, I wasn’t tripping for the past decade (God that makes me sound old now…) but honestly they have gotten bigger. What’s more, they’re not black and yellow anymore either, but mostly black with only a small bit of yellow on them. Don’t believe me? Well take a look at this pic I got of one.


It’s a fucking cannonball when it’s flying around and has the power to literally take off your fucking head if it flies too close. So have you experienced something like this, have something that you once thought was big turn out to not be so big, or be bigger than you remember? Let me know in the comments!

I went to the store today with my sister to get some more cereal and stuff. Little did I know we’d end up getting all this.



I went to the library today to pick up a new book as the one I was read tuned to shit and I had to take it back. Yeah the trouble I run into a lot is books that seem good for the first bit then collapse into utter shit around the half way point. Prime example here. Well honestly it wasn’t that amazing to begin with, but yeah it was shit so it had to go.

Anyways I picked up two books actually. Wow finding two books! That’s a new record or something! So the first is this compilation of apocalypse and dystopia short stories. Now usually I don’t read these compilation books as I like to have a full cover to cover story, but for the sake of trying something new for a change, I picked this one up.

My next book surprised me a lot. Now I wrote a post a while back on my other blog about my trials when it comes to picking out a book to read, one of the things I commonly run into are books with girls for the main character.  So today when in the library I pulled this one book off the shelf and read the back (yes I read the back). Hey, it actually sounded pretty decent, but the MC is a girl. Hmm… now what?

In the end I weighed the pros and cons (apparently there were pros and cons to be weighed…?) and I got the book. Will I like it? Who knows, but really it’s the story that counts and how well it’s executed. I’ve got a good feeling about this book (something that rarely happens so it much be good) but until I actually start reading, I’ll have to keep hoping this book will be as good as I hope it will be.

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