August Post a Day Challenge Day 21: Love Live! School Idol Festival


Wow, I suck at games.

So I got a request to write about this (I guess Miku vids weren’t cutting it) so here we go.

A few days ago now (sorry for being late) I downloaded from the Google Play Store, the game Love Live! School Idol Festival, as it seemed like something every Love Live! fan should have. Jumping into it I had some vague idea of how it’d all go down, but honestly it was death by tutorial.

There are a lot of menus off the start and lots to read and remember. When you get to the actual game play part, wow it just reminded me that I suck at gaming and should probably do some more of it. No this is not a review as I’m still learning how this works, but more of just my initial thoughts after playing a bit of it.

You know, I thought Easy was hard, dude I got fucked up so bad on Normal. Like geez, when there are all these fucking things flying around on the screen and you’ve gotta get ’em, like I don’t have enough fucking fingers to do all this. Then they chuck two at once and it’s like wow, wow just hold the phone bud, I ain’t ready for that just yet.

I’m sure all you at level a billion are laughing your asses off because I’m getting slaughtered in the starting, but for real, I’ve never played a game like this in my life so just getting things down pat is what I need to be doing now. The story mode seems easy enough, just read, click next, so on, so forth. I’m sure after I’ve invested a good chunk of my life into this, I’ll be pretty good, but until then, I’ll have to actually put some effort into this.

By the way, if you wanna add me, here’s my ID thing. Enjoy. Oh and I’m accepting tips and hints on how to not suck ass in this game, so if you’ve got tips/hints/anything to make me better, please let me know. Thanks.


I’ll cya in the next post!

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  1. “My ID thing”.
    Also I knew you’d be kinda bad at those games, so I’m just kinda smiling on my own at the other side to the world behind my laptop. (So much action going on in my life I know) Hope you’ll get better fast (I put my trust in you that you’d find LL a good motivation to play a game)!

    – Rei


  2. First things to do is to go into settings and calbriate the app for your fingers. It will make it easier for your goods to be greats and your greats to be perfects. Also grind on the first three songs you get. I think they’re baby maybe koi no button, Bokura no LIVE Kimi to no LIFE, and Snow Halation on easy until you get the swing of things. Remember this if you don’t remember anything else! Don’t use your love gems to keep going on a song! Those things are precious! It’s better to start the song over than use the love gem to keep going. Why? Because with love gems you can get the members of muse’s cards to make better teams to get better scores. Save up fifty gems and you can get 11 muse cards.


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