August Post a Day Challenge Day 26: Back to School

Miku 168

Nearly that time of year again.

Some welcome it, others despise it, whatever your view of it is I don’t care, but it’s one of those things we’ve just gotta do. So as the rest of the public schools in the area are still on strike (I’m not sure about the rest of BC, but here on the Island it’s fucked) the university isn’t. So yeah, going to university next month. Yay.

What will I be taking there? Psychology. Yay. Yeah it was pretty much the only choice I had for what I need to do. It’s all about credits and such and I need just a few more to get my graduation diploma, so this course gives me a credit for university and high school. I wanted to take the English course, but since I have my grade 12 English, I can’t.

I hate how the campus here has only a few choices when it comes to courses you can take. The campus up Island, the main one, has all the courses but the administration are complete douche bags too. Haha I remember my math teacher Steve pretty much every class voicing his dislike for the admin up north, yeah not something he really should’ve been saying out loud, but still, he did.

Anyways I might have another school life series of posts for the coming semester, we’ll see how it all goes. I’m looking forward to it, I guess, so hopefully it all goes swimmingly.

Cya tomorrow.

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