August Post a Day Challenge Day 27: Sleeping

Hibiki looks so comfortable there.
Hibiki looks so comfortable there.


So in a follow up post to my back to school post, I should touch on the subject of sleeping.

Yes sleep is very important. While you may just view it as a slightly annoyed time in which you have to recharge your body instead of staying on the computer longer, it’s better than the alternative.

That being death.

If you’ve been with me for the past few years, I’m talking like the glory days back in AOI, then you’ll know sleep is a concept I’m still trying to figure out. Sure I know it has it’s place, but when it’s 3AM and you’re having a great time talking with people, who the hell wants to end the fun to sleep? The fact my alarm would ring at 7AM, only a few hours away, would usually send me to bed, after being usually yelled at first by everyone I was having  good time talking with. But I still got some sleep before getting the rest of it in either English or Math class.

Yeah don’t do that kids.

So seeing that school is around the corner, sooner than I actually realize, I figure I should start getting back into a good sleeping habit. Sure I’ve only got class Thursday morning from 10:30-1:30 (if you feel like dropping by) but still I should be generally getting to bed earlier.

Do I have some grand plan this post is all leading up to? No, I don’t. Will I actually put some effort into getting sleep earlier? Hmm, probably not until Sunday night. I do plan on making an actual effort to get to bed once it sets in that I need to be awake for class.

Guess I’ll call it here. Cya tomorrow!

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