August Post a Day Challenge Day 30: Beginning of the End


~”For this is the end…”~

So here we are, day before the end. Well actually this is going up on the 31st, but that’s not the point.

This is it though, we’re here. August is over, is over,  Nyaa is nearly over, summer is ending, it’s just a bunch of things we like that are all coming to a close. It’s depressing actually, I mean no one really like the end of something good, I know I sure don’t, but when it’s ends so suddenly, so quickly, it catches you off guard  and it’s really hard to accept.

I knew was closing for a while now, hell I wrote a post about it, but Nyaa, damn that’s not something I actually, honestly expected would happen. Sure I run doomsday simulations 24/7 in my brain of like every single fucking thing that could ever happen, but then it happens and I’m like “oh shit, it actually happened, what do I do now?”.

Sure the world keeps turning, September starts in under an hour, life will move on like normal, always has always will. Sure we might not be normal, we’re still dealing with shit everyday, shit we don’t wanna deal with but we’ve got to either way. Nyaa will hopefully be back (I haven’t read the latest as I write this) will become easier to navigate as we slowly accept that it’s here for good, August, well it’ll be here again.

But man… I don’t know. I feel like I need to write something profound here other than my direct brain to keyboard rambling shit that will bore you to death. All I can hope for is that things will be good, and if things aren’t, well then I hope I can find a way to cope with it so I can keep my schedule moving along and not get too far behind. I’m running a fucking anime reviewing blog and I don’t want to be behind because of this shit.

I’ll continue in the next post.

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