August Post a Day Challenge Day 31: A New Beginning (Final)

Epic Pic 1It’s time to start anew.

Starting anew, what does that mean?

“Anew” is an adverb, and it means two things:

1. over again; again; once more:

to play the tune anew.

2. in a new form or manner:

to write the story anew.


It’s a new month tomorrow for me. In under 30 minutes I’ll have to change my lovely Kantoku calendar to a picture of the lovely Kurumi. Why? Because it’s a new month, September.  New things start at the beginning of a new month, especially September. I also like how this month, the 1st is on a Monday. New month, new week, new day. It’s all new.

I’ve got plans for this month, I’m going back to school on Thursday while my brother and every other kid in public school in British Columbia won’t be until October it seems. Government and school board thing, it’s stupid and everyone knows it. Get this though, the fucked up part is that the government wants to pay each family with a child under a certain age, $40 bucks a day to cover for daycare costs and shit. Meaning that have the fucking money to pay the teachers, but they just don’t. It’s fucked, that’s pretty much what it comes down to. But university isn’t affected by all that shit so I don’t have to worry.

August ends in 15 minutes now, the year of 2014 is closing in on the end; only a few months left now. Can you imagine that? This year is almost finished, but that means a new year is almost here.

So I was over at a friends place tonight for dinner. The one I talked about in a post a while ago who came over and randomly gave me dinner. She’s a nice person, like one of those legit nice people. I always ask myself why can’t there just be more honestly nice people in the world, it’s not that much to ask for, is it? Like how many people do you know who are just honest to God good people? Probably not many. I mean sure there are good people, but it’s the good, good people that we need more of.

10 minutes now.

So the long conversation my mom and her had, well my sis, bro and I were also involved too, but it was just about our lives and the shit we’ve gone through over the years. She’s broken up with her husband, my parents have separated, there things we all have in common, but the way the conversation went was so interesting. Both sides expressed issues not many other people know about yet we were hones with each other and weren’t going to talk behind each others back. She’s a friend of ours and we’re a friend to her. She lives on the other side of the fence too. Her daughter is 10 years old. That was a point probably not needed.

7 minutes now.

I should end this now, this month is almost finished. I’ve got goals for next month. Not like “being a better person” or anything, but school related goals. I want to finish this once and for all I want to move on in my life and this month is where it all starts. It’s time to look ahead and try out this being positive thing my mom is always talking about.

And who knows, maybe things might just all work out for the best. We can only hope.

Thanks for sticking with me for 31 days. Sorry for any delays that came up, I was honestly just being lazy and didn’t feel like writing, but I knew I really should have. I hope this series has really been enjoyable to read and I hope you’ll be inspired to do something like this one your own blog.

Under a minute now.

Thank you so much once again and I’ll cya around.

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