The Demon Cat

I wouldn't mind if she went bump in the night.
I wouldn’t mind if she went bump in the night.

What goes bump in the night.

So the other night it’s late (early) and I’m finally about to go to sleep. There I am, laying in my bed, eyes closed trying to drift off into dreamland, when I hear a bump.

Hmm, strange.

Sitting up I look around expecting to see the source of the sound and try to figure out where it came from. Coming to the conclusion it’s just the wind blowing the blinds or something, I lay back down and return to trying to get to sleep. I hear it again now, the same bump.

Shit, what the hell is that?

Sitting up I hear it a few more times, this time it sounds very close. Looking to the room door my heart beat quadruples as my tired mind pieces together what I just heard.

Someone or something is drumming their fingers on the room door.

Shit, shit, shit, this is bad.

Now scared as fuck I rationally try to think of what I should do, all my ideas ending with extreme violence. But then I stop I realize something. The neighbors who live above us have a cat, I’ve seen this cat before too (kinda cute) and I remember my sister telling me that she’s heard it running around and night and it’s paws on the hardwood floor give off a very creepy sound.

I sit back down.

Okay, so it’s just the cat running around up stairs; yeah now that I listen to it more I can picture that happening. But goddamn, I was convinced that something was at the room door and I was gonna have to engage it in the hopes of making it dead very quickly.

I would later finally fall asleep with the clock closing in on 5AM.

What a night.

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