Psycho-Class Week 1: Meet the Gang

If Maki was my teacher... oh boy that'd be something.
If Maki was my teacher… oh boy that’d be something.

Yes the start of a new school life series!

Hello and welcome back to another new series I’ll have running once a week from now until December. Pretty much it’s just going to be some weekly thing about what happened in my psychology class. If you missed it, I talked about this class before here and the reason I was taking it.  But enough with the intro, shall we begin?

Nervousness, that’s what I felt on the walk to school. Why? Well the first day is always nerve racking for all kinds of reasons. University is another ball game now and I was stepping up to the plate to finally bat. Like I do with most things though I tend to over exaggerate and just end up playing that old game we call “What’s the Worst Thing The Could Happen?”. It’s actually quite a fun game at times.

So I arrive at the campus and instantly realize that the classroom is in the other wing of the building I haven’t been before. Shit, thanks for remembering the room number wrong. So over I venture to the far side, the uncharted side, of the building (it’s not that big a building actually and I’m saying ‘building’ because it’s just one large building, not a bunch of buildings) and find my classroom. It was pretty easy actually as there was a group of students standing out front.

The class before ours finishes and we can finally go in; I take my seat at the back as all the other are taken already. To my far right is a girl smashed in the corner, right beside me on my right, sitting between the girl and me is this guy, Robby. Turns out Robby is actually pretty chill, I like him already. We chatted a bit as the teacher handed out paper, and yeah, he’s just pretty chill. To my left, and sharing the table for two, is another girl, Brittany. She’s also pretty chill, not that social, you know, like that. We chatted for a bit too and yeah, she’s nice.

So overall as far as a first day goes, it was pretty good. We had a meet and greet with all 30 (or so) students, got to know each other a bit and the teacher, Debbie, went over a course outline. While having this class only be one day a week, Thursday from 10:30-1:30 is nice, I think twice a week would’ve been a bit better, but oh well. I’m hoping to get a job to fill the extra time so if my plan goes well, things should be good.

So all things considered this was a good first day, nothing bad happened, I didn’t get lost and it looks like no one in the class is visibly crazy. I’m looking forward to next week when we’ll begin the actual work. Now of only the Ministry would send me the money for my grant… damn them.

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