Psycho-Class Week 2: Vocabulary

That's one tunnel I don't mind entering.
That’s one tunnel I don’t mind entering.

Do you dream of trains going into tunnels?

So week 2 of my psychology class has rolled around and so did some new things. Okay first up before I get to the cute girls and such, on Tuesday the letter from the Ministry of Advanced Education finally arrived! Yes! So I was able to fill out that paper work and send it off again yesterday, with that I’ll finally be able to get the funds needed to pay for this all. Seriously they are so goddamn lazy! I checked the letter and everything was finalized on August 12th, but it only just got to me now. Like what the hell man, I’ve gotta pay for this fucking course and here you are not sending me the paperwork I need. But yeah I’ve got that dealt with, it’s on them now.

Alright then, week 2, first class without a textbook. Damn. Well it was okay though since the teacher (Debbie) was using the document reader so everyone could see if they didn’t have a textbook. I also found out that it’s not as easy logging into the university wi-fi as it was before. With the laptop it worked fine, but I’m having lots of trouble with my tabby. I’ll have to ask the tech guys if they can help me with that, maybe I’m just doing something wrong with entering the right passwords and my student ID number.

Today was also a full class too, all 3 hours this time. I like how it’s a solid block of learning, rather than a shorter session, so I don’t mind with length of the class. Debbie gives us a break too at noon, so we can get some food if needed. I choose not to get food this time, huge mistake.

Okay, so I got my same seat as I did last week and I was pretty happy about that. I hope to claim it as mine for the rest of this course, but we’ll see how it goes. To my left was Brittany again while to my right were two girls, so yes I had girls all around me. And just to put that into perspective, I counted only 8 guys (including myself) in the class today. So yes, lots of girls in this class.

Like mentioned in this tweet:

I indeed sat beside a really cute girl, she was the one on my right. Sarah I’m pretty sure is her name; there are actually two girls by the name of Sarah in the class, however one girl has her name spelled ‘Sara’ while the other is ‘Sarah’. Seems like I’m meeting lots of people by the name of Sarah these days. I can add that to the list along with Dan, Steve and Chris. Common names I know, but when I stop and count, I know, or have interacted with, lots of people by those names.

That aside, Sarah was this pretty decent looking girl who was there on my right side for the duration of class. I said one word to her during that 3 hour period, it was in response to a question she asked me. It was a simple yes or no question to which I answered ‘yes’. That question was: “Has this gone around the class?”. The ‘this’ in her question refers to a list of names of students who were (are) interested in having (actually starting) study groups. Sarah and her friend (some other standard issue named girl) were out of the classroom when Debbie was explaining the study group thing, so by the time they had returned, I was in the process of placing the sheet of paper at her spot.

Is there much else to say about Sarah? Will I try to engage in a conversation with her next Thursday? Will she even still be sitting beside me? Questions that can only be answered next week when I see her  again. So if you’re wondering why I didn’t engage in any more of a conversation with her other than the ‘yes’ moment, well I actually was paying attention to what Debbie was saying and taking notes, trying to be a good student and all, so I didn’t talk with her during the class period. She left with her friend during the break and then right away after class too. Before class, well how was I supposed to predict that she’d be sitting on my right, let alone me actually remembering anyone’s (except Robbie’s) name. Damn it Robbie, why didn’t you sit beside me again, you were so chill last week.

Yeah let’s move on from Sarah, we can talk about her another time. So like this post in titled, I learned lots of big words today, some of them starting with ‘psycho’ followed by some other word.

I think ‘psychodynamics’ is the one I like the most, that’s a fun word. Other words, included:

Loads of fun.

So by the time 1:30 rolled around I was happy to be leaving so I could go eat, but I was also looking forward to the next class quite a bit too. After 2 classes I can say that I’m enjoying this quite a bit. Will things ramp up in the coming weeks? Oh for sure. This is just the easy stage, the beginning part. When it gets serious, that when shit will get real.

Also, if you haven’t figured it out, yes I did open this post with a sex joke. How silly of me to do that, but since it was mentioned in class I thought I’d try it out, see if anyone got it. Apparently it’s from some guy by the name of Freud or something, obviously he must have done something noteworthy because he kept being mentioned today.

I also got my new student card today as well, the whole process took about… 1 minute. Yeah so I’ve got that good through 2016. Imagine that.

Well this post has gone on for long enough, I’m sure you’re wondering when I’ll stop talking, so I’ll do that now. Thanks for reading and I’ll be back with another edition of Psycho-Class next Thursday.

Take care!

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