Psycho-Class Week 3: Stress, Girls, Group Work

Hi, we’re here to collect that money you owe for your psychology class. Now if you’d be so kind to grab that for us so we don’t have to kill you. Thanks.


So while the paperwork for said grant came in last week, and I filled it out and sent it back off, I still haven’t received the money yet. I talked with the financial adviser after class today (she’s a really nice woman actually) and she told me that due to printing issues at the Ministry, they were late sending it to me initially; then the process from when I sent in the paperwork last week to when I actually get the money, can be slow at times considering all the other people who got grants/loans too.

But what’s the kicker? As fees were due on the 16th, the late fees aren’t tacked on until October 1st, meaning I was freaking out about them sending a collections team comprised of PMC’s to my house to get the money from me. Proven once again that worrying to death about something being really bad, might not actually be as bad as you fear it to be.

So in class today, the table that I usually sit at was gone. Shit. I sat one over beside, some other girl as Brittany was now sitting at the front. Damn it, first Robbie and now Brittany too! Goddamn! To my surprise though, Debbie (my teacher, in case you’ve forgotten) wheeled in another table to put in that spot! Yay I can have my seat back again!

I’m already to move over, literally like just slide off my current seat and into the one over, when two girls walk in. Hmm…? Quickly assessing the situation I have two decisions I can make: 1) I can move to the seat and not give a shit about the girls, or I can 2) let to girls sit there and stay in my spot. Keep in mind this all happened in like under a second, making this choice.

I chose option 2.

Considering the factors involved: it was the best choice because had I moved over it would’ve looked really weird that I suddenly took that seat when I’m already sitting, books out and ready to go. Plus as the tables are made for 2 people to sit at, had I moved there I would’ve forced the girls to sit on either side of me (while there’s nothing wrong having girls at your side). I assumed, as was the case, they would want to sit beside each other as that’s what friends like to do. So I decided to stay in my current spot and let the girls sit beside each other. Also it just seemed like the right (and nice) thing to do as well.

Class moves on, we learn things, I take notes, follow along like I should be, not tweeting as I said I wouldn’t, and things are going swimmingly. We have a break, I listen to music, check Twitter and such, then we start the back half of the class that’ll take us to the end.

We’re now doing some group work, in groups of threes this time around. I’m paired up with said two girls to my left, I’d soon learn their names are: Danica and Makayla. So Danica, Makayla and I are all assigned to work on this thing handed to us by the teacher; it’s slightly complicated how it’s explained, so I’ll admit I was confused at first, but Makayla was another story. In the end Danica and I did the work while Makayla ended up leaving for work, which was probably for the best.

I also noted that she indeed has a gold iPhone 5S.

Class ended shortly later where I’d then talk with the financial adviser (as previous earlier stated) before walking home, thus ending another week of psychology class.

What will next week bring?

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