Psycho-Class Week 4: Late, Sick, Math, Cleavage, Presentations

Boobs of this caliber in front of you, yeah no way in hell you're getting work done.
Boobs of this caliber in front of you, yeah no way in hell you’re getting work done.

Start as you mean to go on.

For those thinking I mentioned ‘cleavage’ and put a pic of that only to drawn viewers, well you’re not that far off from the truth.

I slept in late today. Really late. My class starts at 10:30 every Thursday, it’s not that hard to get up and go, yet I had a really tough time this morning. I woke up at 10:10. Yeah not good. Surprisingly enough, my first thought that came to mind was “oh shit I won’t get my seat now”, yeah not the usual “OH SHIT I’M FUCKING LATE!” funny how my mind works.

Getting up and getting ready took all of 10 minutes, putting me at 10:20 now. Normally it’s takes me 10 minutes to get to class, but sometime class starts a few minutes early, so there was no other way but to run. Yes I actually ran to class.

I got there with a minute to spare actually, yeah that was pretty amazing I felt, all things considered. So like I expected, my usual preferred seat was taken by the crazy girls. Okay for real now, when I say ‘crazy girls’ I mean exactly that. I’ve sat in close proximity with them to know this. They talk and giggle through class, swear like no tomorrow (uh…) they just can’t control themselves and are always doing something stupid. Passing them I grab a seat closer to the front and sit down. Suddenly I’m not feeling well.

If you’ve seen the 2009 Star Trek, then you’ll remember the part shortly after Bones is introduced and as they fly up in the shuttle, he tells Kirk “I may throw up on ya. ” Yeah I had that feeling as I sat there. No I didn’t actually tell the guy beside me but I just suddenly felt really nauseous for some reason.  Maybe it was because I ran to class on an empty stomach, but either way I wasn’t in a good shape. A few swigs of water and a Nature Valley bar later and I was more alive.

So we’re doing psychology class things when suddenly math breaks out. Wow, wow what? I didn’t sign up for that! But yeah math happened. I slugged through it, but I had horrific flashbacks to my math class and how much I sucked ass.

Continuing from last week, we had to present our findings from the research we did in our groups. Makayla conveniently left for work once again, so it’s Danica and I, but thankfully we have another student (another girl) added to our team, Mara. She wasn’t there last week but she’s actually on the ball and knows her shit. Finally, someone who knows what’s going on!

As she’s writing down the notes we took last week, I happen to notice (as it’s a magnet for guys eyes) that her track jersey she’s wearing is unzipped and some considerable cleavage is showing.


Now I’m presented with an actual challenge for this group session. I manage to pull through and things go well. We present out material we have, I even got the class laughing with a joke, and things just go pretty well.

Next week though I’ve got a legit challenge: a test. Never have been good with tests, but I’m really going to put in the effort, study hard and aim for a good score. This is university now, can’t half ass shit anymore.

I’ll cya next week!

P.S. This is my 200th post as well!

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