The Interview


How did it go?

So if you didn’t know, I had a job interview yesterday.

It was pretty nerve racking, especially when I said the wrong thing or stumbled over my words, but the guy was super chill and I was able to calm down and get settled.  I mentioned that I have a good feeling about this, why? Well he filled out lots of paperwork and got photocopies on my ID, two signs that are usually pretty hopeful that I’ll get the job. He’ll be away for the weekend, probably for Thanksgiving, so I can expect to hear from him next week, but I’ve got a really, really good feeling about this.

I applied at The Source, which used to be RadioShack, so if you know what RadioShack is than that’s what this place is. There are over 700 locations across Canada actually, so it’s a big company. I’m excited for this yet I don’t want to get my hopes up to only be shattered, but next week I’ll know for sure. Believe me, I’ll let you know via Twitter if I get it or not.

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