Psycho-Class Week 7: Sick Day

Nurse Maki will see you now!
Nurse Maki will see you now!

No more perfect record! Damn it!

Being sick sucks big time. Not only do you feel like shit for a couple of days, but it’s just physically draining, you get tired easily, your nose is dripping 24/7 and you feel like shit. Yes that needs to be said twice. So being in that state, I didn’t go to class. Not only did I miss the 3 hour class where I always learn something new, I also missed out on that brain game we’d be playing, as well as keeping a perfect attendance record extending back to last year. Yeah I’m most upset about that part.

Also, sorry for this post coming late, I’ve been sick (obviously) plus dealing with other things on Anime Corps, so things slowed down here. As I write this (Saturday afternoon) I feel much better now, not enough to go to a party this evening, but not like complete shit anymore.

By next Thursday I’ll be back and ready for more learning, I just hope I didn’t miss that much in class. Until then, I’ll cya later.

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  1. It’s not weird at all to want to keep up a perfect attendance!

    I have had mine “clean” for up to 3 years now (4rth year is hopefully yet to come), and I literally go to school even when I’m sick. (If I’m too sick it’ll get registered, I’ll be excused and it won’t count. Same goes for formal things like my dad’s wedding last year.)
    The only thing I have a lot of trouble with is that I actually go to the dentist quite often. (Bad genetics, couldn’t help it even if I wanted to) Because of that, I’ll have to call every single time I do and fill in an entire form and have it signed by both my parents, etc, just to keep my record updated and clean.

    So yeah, I think I quite understand what you mean. It’s a little thing, maybe just stubbornness, but I would be a little heartbroken myself.
    Don’t feel too bad about it though, you gotta have a break at times.


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    • I considered trying to go when I woke up that morning, but given my headache I just didn’t want to push it. Plus since we were playing a game dealing with the brain and such, I’d really need to have my head in the game, and being sick, well that’s just not going to work. Meh, can’t be perfect all the time.

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  2. […] She did this to show that the mind can make up, very quickly, a plausible story that we’ll believe and use this to convince ourselves something that never happened, actually did. She went on to explain that psychiatrists can accidentally do this to patients, because when they hear all the problems a person is telling them, they might ask if that person was abused as a child. Then from that point forward that person will create a very plausible story that fits with all the problems they’ve been telling the psychiatrist. Of course hypnosis can also be used to do this too, but I missed that class because I was sick. […]


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