Psycho-Class Week 8 & 9: Sleeping Tests

This is me in class
This is me in class

Better late than never.

Yeah this is super late as I’ve been super lazy updating this blog, but here’s a long overdue post just the same.

So back in week 8 we talked about sleeping and how good it is for you. We also talked about things that aren’t good for sleeping, some of them being staying up super late all the time and being on the computer late. Yes I felt that was directed at me for some reason.

We also played that brain game in class too, our group being called “We’re Just Great People”. Seriously I shit you not, that was our group name. Thank Robbie for that.

Week 9, last Thursday,  was a test day. Did I do well? Uh… probably not, but then again I wasn’t even feeling well that day so I wasn’t preforming at my best. This week, Week 10, I’ll get the results of that test, results I’m scared to look at as well but results just the same.

We also watched a 45 minute video about gender identity and such. I’d relate it in my own terms, but that’s a touchy subject these days and I’m pretty sure I’ll bring hell down on myself if I go spouting off what was going through my mind while watching. I’ll leave it at that.

So once again sorry for this being super delayed and such. I’ve just been lazy with this blog and I have a hard time thinking of stuff to write about here. I’ll have another post coming up soon which will be of my recent trip to Victoria and how that went. It’ll mostly be a post with a lot of pics and little writing. I’ll work on that and have it out sometime this week.

I want to make this blog somewhere I post more often, but like I said I can’t think of much to write here these days. Hopefully I’ll get something other an school to write about here at some point. Also, I’ll be changing the theme too so if the blog is down, that’ll be why.

Have a good one guys.

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