Psycho-Class Week 10: Paranormal Activity

Be careful when you fight the monsters, lest you become one.
Be careful when you fight the monsters, lest you become one.

I don’t like scary things.

Getting this post out in a timely matter for once.

So yesterday (or a few days ago, depending on when you read this) I was at class once again like I am every Thursday. Today’s subject, as seen from this tweet below, was about memory.

Now memory is pretty neat actually, but surprising in how fast it forgets things. We’re talking seconds here then we’ve got trouble remembering. To put this to the test Debbie (that’s our teacher) read out a list of numbers, starting with only 4 numbers then gradually upping it to 10 numbers. She’d read them out, then asked us to write them down. I was on a roll for the first six rows she read out, but when it came to the seventh, something happened that totally broke my concentration, and actually disrupted the entire class.

The power went out.

Now it’s not that big a deal as it was only late morning and light enough to continue, but man it was then I realized just how windy it was outside. There is also a backup generator at the uni so there isn’t really that big a problem,  but with no wi-fi now… yeah I wasn’t the only one pissed off by that. But that was only just the beginning.

Suddenly a girl let out a scream and pointed to the wall clock. The hands were spinning around. There was a bump at the window. My heart stopped.

Honestly there have been a very few times where I’ve felt truly scared, this is etched in my memory as one of them now. For about 10 seconds the clock hands were spinning around like mad, everyone in the room completely freaking the hell out. I was honestly thinking demons had somehow gotten into the room and were fucking with us, as I had no other logical explanation of what was happening.

Then the clock hands stopped. They stopped on the correct time. Huh…? Turns out that the clocks were never set back an hour since the uni is closed Sunday’s, so why they had to do it so long after I’m not sure, but they did. The clocks are also hardwired, so someone can control them from somewhere else, making it look like they’re moving on their own. Creepy as fuck, but thank God no demons. As for the bump on the window, it was just a guy (yeah there are a few guys in the class, believe it or not) moving his arm and it bumped against the window. No demons.

So while the power was out, the backup generator kept the lights on (not the wi-fi though) so class continued. The projector wasn’t working though so Debbie wrote things on the whiteboard. For the remainder of the class we did some more memory tests, talked about the mind, and read some stuff from the textbook. We also talked about the False Memory Syndrome. If you know what that is, great, if not I guess I can tell you.

Debbie read off another list of words, all relating to the word window, but when she asked everyone after she read off the words, if window was one of them, everyone said yes. Turns out she never said window though. I was actually really surprised, as was the rest of the class, that window wasn’t a word she had read off.

She did this to show that the mind can make up, very quickly, a plausible story that we’ll believe and use this to convince ourselves something that never happened, actually did. She went on to explain that psychiatrists can accidentally do this to patients, because when they hear all the problems a person is telling them, they might ask if that person was abused as a child. Then from that point forward that person will create a very plausible story that fits with all the problems they’ve been telling the psychiatrist. Of course hypnosis can also be used to do this too, but I missed that class because I was sick.

So what I took away from Thursday’s class was pretty neat information I had never thought about before. I can actually say that I’m learning something new from this class each week.

So there you have it, a decent sized post for my blog that’s rarely updated. I do plan on making good use of this blog in the future, but until I reach that point, expect weekly posts like this as I recap the day’s class.

We’ll end it here now.

Until next time!

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  1. I think psychology is super interesting… one of the many things I wouldn’t mind studying, haha. Talking about false memories, I remember reading this piece about memories and unreliable witnesses. Some psychologists did an experiment where they showed people someone being robbed on the street, then asked them what colour jacket the perpetrator was wearing. Thing was, the the guy wasn’t wearing a jacket, but people answered different colours. (Or something like that, I can’t remember all the details.)

    I find it a little scary, I guess, to know how flawed and unreliable our memory can be. It’s good to know it though, because acknowledging our flaws and biases is a good way to overcome them, as best as we can.


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